nose piercing nostril

Nose Piercing

NOSE PIERCING The most popular piercing on the Inksane team. The nose piercing is one of the oldest piercings in the world. In Hinduism, every woman has a piercing through her left nostril: this is said to be good for her fertility. Due to punk culture, the nose piercing got a bad reputation, but currently it is again more popular than [...].

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Nipple piercing

NOPLE PIERCING The nipple piercing is back, but it has never actually gone away. The first mention of nipple piercings in the West dates back to the fourteenth century. Isabella of Bavaria, Queen of France, had her nipples pierced as a fashion statement. She decorated her nipples with diamonds and fine gold chains. She wore robes with deep cleavage so that

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smiley piercing inksane

Smiley Piercing

SMILEYPIERCING The Smiley Piercing: visible only when you smile. Are you looking for an unusual but trendy piercing? If so, you may be interested in the smiley piercing. This piercing pierces the flap of tissue that connects the inside of your upper lip to your upper gums. What also makes the smiley very special is

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Smoke Piercing

SMOKE PIERCING When you thought you knew every possible ear piercing. There you have the relatively new smoke piercing. It has nothing to do with smoking or fire, but is located in an unusual place in the ear. The smoke piercing is rising in popularity. Is it something for you, too? What is a smoke piercing? How does it go in

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Conch Piercing

CONCHPIERCING The most graceful piercing in the ear, according to many, is the conch. When you google conch piercing, you may well see info about seashells. What does a seashell have to do with a conch piercing? We'll explain it for you below! What is a conch piercing? How does it work?

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oorpiercings inksane

Piercings in the ear

PIERCINGS IN YOUR EAR Ears are like knees there are no beauties. But hey: that's why we beautify our ears with ear piercings. There are an awful lot of different kinds. Below we list the most popular ones. What ear piercings are there? How do I take care of the piercings in my ear? More info or appointment Which ear piercings exist?

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tragus piercing example

Tragus Piercing

TRAGUS PIERCING Does a tragus piercing suppress your appetite? The tragus piercing remains a popular piercing. The wide selection of jeweled piercings allows you to choose a subtle or intense result. The daith piercing is said to remedy migraines, but the tragus piercing is said to inhibit appetite. Fable or fact? What is a tragus piercing?

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daith piercing inksane

Daith Piercing

DAITH PIERCING Can a piercing make migraines go away? Surely that is what is claimed of the daith piercing. It is said to be the piercing against migraines. In acupuncture, in fact, pressure is applied to the same area to reduce headaches. A piercing in this trigger point, then, would remedy migraines. What is a daith piercing?

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septum piercing inksane

Septum Piercing

SEPTUM PIERCING About half of Hollywood walks around with a septum piercing. From Jessica Biel to Rihanna, and from Zoë Kravitz to Zendaya. The septum piercing is a staple on the streets. Even though you are not allowed to wear piercings at work or school: a septum piercing is still possible. After

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helix piercing inksane

Helix Piercing

HELIX PIERCING Piercings in the ear are no longer a juvenile sin. Many adults opt for a curated ear, which literally means an organized ear. The helix piercing then becomes one of your showpieces. When you're satisfied with your number of piercings in the ear - which you've had pierced over time - you then set up with your piercer

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