The most graceful piercing in the ear, according to many, is the conch. 

When you google conch piercing, you may well see info on seashells.

What does a seashell have to do with a conch piercing ?

We explain it for you below!

conch piercing inksane

What is a conch piercing?

There is a link between that seashell and a conch piercing: the conch, in fact, is pierced in the middle of your auricle. This is the deepest part of your ear. So the conch also goes through the cartilage.  

You have an inner conch, outer conch and even a low conch.

All piercings are located in the shell of your ear, but the inner conch Is pierced in the center of your shell. 

The outer conch is close to the outer edge (but not in the cartilage of the curvature of your ear, then we are talking about a helix). 

Finally, the low conch lowest in your auricle (but again, not in the lower curve, because then you have a anti-tragus). 

How does it work?

Our first rule is: looking at placement together.

Each ear is unique, and therefore not every conch piercing is possible. You may want an inner conch, but only an outer conch is possible. If the anatomy of your ear allows it, you can also opt for a double conch.

Our piercers will do their best to fulfill your wish, but they specialize in piercing, so they must also tell the truth.

Once you find the placement, our piercer will insert a sharp piercing needle linearly through your cartilage.

Finally, the gem inserted into your new piercing.

For cartilage piercings, we use a 1.2 mm jewel. You start with a longer rod. After 6 to 8 weeks, you come back to downsize, or put in a shorter rod. 

When the conch piercing is healed, you can also insert a ring. A ring in the conch is called a orbital piercing mentioned, but again: a ring is not possible for everyone.

How do I care for my new conch piercing?

Patience is a virtue, as piercings in cartilage heal quite slowly.

Count on 6 to 8 months Before your piercing is completely healed. 

What not to do:
  • Not fiddling, twisting, pulling, pushing on your new piercing. 
  • Sleep not on your ear. This creates extra pressure. Also be careful with in-ear headphones. 
  • Do not use alcohol
  • Avoid swimming, sauna, tanning bed and taking a long bath for 4 to 6 weeks. During these activities, your blood vessels expand. There will be natural swelling after piercing. This is why a longer rod is inserted in the beginning. The rod may become too short if your blood vessels expand extra. 
What to do:
  • Wash your hands before touching the piercing. 
  • Clean your piercing up to 2 times a day with a saline solution. We recommend Neilmed Piercing Aftercare.
  • If you do not have a saline solution, then you can clean the piercing under flowing lukewarm water up to 2 times a day.
  • Return after 6 to 8 weeks to downsize. Then we insert a shorter rod into your gem. 
Stéphanie - Piercer at Inksane Roeselare

"The wisest advice I can give is: follow the aftercare properly, come back on time for your downsize and most of all, enjoy your new shiny piercing!"


  • My piercing is swollen.

This is completely normal because your body is reacting to the "trauma. 

That's why you start with a longer rod in your piercing. When the swelling goes down, return to downsize.

  • My piercing itches. 

This is a good sign: your piercing is starting to heal! 
Too much itching or pain combined with itching is not a good sign. Then it's best to go for a check-up drop by.
  • I have irritation bubbles.

This is easy to fix. Come by for a check-up, and we will help you. 

Don't wait too long to visit: untreated irritation bubbles can create scar tissue, and then the bubbles won't go away.

  • Do you have more questions? 

The price of piercingour gems and much more info can be found at Inksane Piercing.

When in doubt, you can book a free appointment to ask all kinds of questions to the piercer. If your doubts are cleared after that, you can get your conch pierced immediately. 

Stephanie - Inksane Roeselare
Julie - Inksane Roeselare
Caithlin - Inksane Sint-Niklaas
Flavia - Inksane Ghent
Mare - Inksane Brussels

2 Thoughts on “Conch Piercing”

  1. I have a conch piercing . After 7weeks I had the 8mm replaced because the 10 was sticking out a little bit. After that change I wake up the next morning with an ear that is 3 times as thick . As if it had just been pierced. Back side was gone. Had already grown into my ear . What is wise not to change and leave the 10 in until it heals. ?

    1. Anke Labaere

      Hi Laura

      The way you describe it, it looks to me like your ear is very swollen indeed. An 8mm is usually used as a starting jewel, after 6 to 8 weeks it is then replaced by a 5 or 6mm depending on anatomy. If a 10mm only stuck out a tiny bit and an 8mm is still too short after 7 weeks, then some alarm bells are ringing. Does your piercing hurt? I would suggest going to your piercer for a check-up anyway, you are of course always welcome with us.

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