A rose big or small: I love them all.  

One of the most popular designs in a tattoo is a rose. The rose tattoo is timeless and can be used in just about any tattoo style. Thereby, you can have the tattoo tattooed as small or as large as you want. 

Some examples include a old school rose, a geometric rose, a fine line pink, a color realism rose... The choice is yours!


Does a rose tattoo have a meaning?

A rose tattoo does not always have to have a meaning. Because if you think a rose is the most beautiful flower, this is a good reason to get a rose tattooed.

Generally speaking, the rose symbolizes beauty. Sometimes people use the thorns as a metaphor for difficulties in love.

The rose - depending on the color and number - can also have a meaning: 

Red rose/red rose tattoo

Love and romance:

    • 1 red rose = fledgling in love.
    • 2 red roses = mutual love.
    • 5 red roses = a deep-seated love

Yellow rose/yellow rose tattoo


White rose/white rose tattoo

This can mean both sadness and confidence. 

Black rose/black rose tattoo

Death and the finiteness of existence. 


What types of rose tattoos exist?  

You can have one rose tattooed, but the flower is often used as a filler between two larger tattoos.
A rose is often combined with other elements, such as nature elements or portraits.

The most common style for rose tattoos is fotorealism (both color as black and gray).

Also at old school, new school, fine line and even microrealism you often see the rose as a subject.

When you think of a rose, you don't have to think of the traditional rose every time. You can also create a poppy, peony ... have it set.


How small can a rose tattoo be? 

Do you want a very small tattoo, but with lots of details? Then -you should choose microrealism.

In realism, a rose tattoo can quickly cover an entire inside or outside of a forearm.

We recommend getting the tattoo not too small.The larger the tattoo, the more room for detail and precision.

Want to be sure how big your tattoo will be? Visit our reception. They will give you free advice. If you want, you can book your appointment immediately afterwards.

Also take our FAQ list by. You may find an answer to your question there. 


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