Seminary of Kam Azat

Are you an artist looking for seminars from Kam Azat? Inksane likes to lend a hand by regularly offering seminars by experienced artists with baking talent. Our guest artist Kam Azat is happy to share his knowledge with you, scroll on to find out more!

Who is Kam Azat?

Who is Kam Azat?

Tattoo artiest Kam Azat poseert met de eerste prijs van een conventie naast zijn klant. Zijn klant heeft een new school kleurentattoo van een konijn op het onderbeen.

With his client on the 2021 tattoo convention in Saint-Petersburg.

Kam Azat is a guest artist specializing in New School. His tattoos are very colorful and cartoonish. He often draws his design freehand on your body so that it is perfectly adapted to the shape of the body part. Looking at his tattoos makes you instantly happy.

He has more than 7 years of experience and perfected multiple techniques to work as efficiently as possible. Not only for making designs, but also for tattooing them.

In 2020, he and 60 more tattoo artists participated in a Russian tattoo convention, which COVID conducted online. There he won "Best of Newschool, Neo-Traditional, Japanese“.

On the 2021 tattoo convention in Saint-Petersburg he not only won "Best of Newschool, but also got to take the price for "Best of show" home.
Although he is obviously proud of these awards, Azat does not participate in a lot of conventions. He prefers to focus on clean and correct work without the competition that comes along with conventions.

Azat already shares some of his knoweledge on his Youtube channel, Which has a little more over 1000 subscribers. You can also follow him on Istagram, like the 16 700 people that already do.

Starting 2022 he teaches 2 seminars at Inksane: a lesson Procreate drawing and a lesson Full color tattooing. The seminars are not combined with each other and can be entered seperately.


Seminar 1: Procreate drawing.

Procreate new school design van Kam Azat, Kat met zonnebril en ketting die achter een balletje aan zit.

A design made in Procreate by Kam Azat


Drawing Kam Azat's seminar is a group class where he explains how to create the highest quality for the least amount of time. He has spent years studying the workings of Procreate and has developed several techniques for handling the program smoothly and efficiently.

This will be done in stages. First, Azat will teach you about volume and composition of your design. Next you'll look into light and shadow. Where is your light source? and where would it cast shadows? By using this, you will end up with a high quality black and grey design.

Next up are colors. Which colors will be most suited for your design and how do you combine them? How do you make sure you have nice contrast in your design,...

You do not need to enroll for the tattoo lesson to enter the drawing lesson.

For Who?

These lessons are created for anyone who wants to learn how to make designs in Procreate that have contrast and volume. You don't have to be a tattoo artist, or specialize in the style of Newschool.

How much?

The price of the seminar Procreate drawing is €300 plus 21% BTW. There is an option to pay with KMO portefeuille if you are selfemployed in Belgium.


The class lasts 1 full day and is arranged for a guest spot of Azat each time. Keep an eye on our socials for the next date!


Examples of Procreate designs by Kam Azat

Procreate new school design van Kam Azat. Mario die wegloopt van Bowser
Procreate new school design van Kam Azat, maken van een toverdrank met boek en ingrediënten.
Procreate new school design van Kam Azat, draak met munten
Procreate new school design van Kam Azat, vogeltje
Procreate new school design van kam Azat, eenhoorn met graffitti spuitbus
Procreate New school design van Kam Azat, ninja konijn met trommel

Seminar of Kam Azat 2: full color tattooing

New school kleur tattoo van een eenhoorn in een zwemband


During Kam Azat's seminar on tattooing, you get to work in practice. This is done 1 on 1, so there are no other students present at that time.

With his background as an engineer, Azat feels it is very important to understand how things work. By studying tattoo needles up close, Azat created an 'alphabet' of techniques that work together like a puzzle. If you put the pieces together correctly, you will get a great color saturation without overworking the skin of your client.

For this seminar of Kam Azat, it is not necessary that you took the Procreate class first.

For Who?

This seminar is meant for tattoo artists who like to work full color.

How much?

The price of a seminar by Kam Azat is €750 plus 21% VAT. For Belgian self-employed people, there is a possibility to pay this through SME portfolio.


A Kam Azat seminar lasts 1 full day and will be scheduled by mutual agreement in July 2022. One full day is provided for each student, so places for this are limited.


Projects of students who took the seminars.

Neo-traditional tattoo van een kat met omlijsting en bloemen. Full color

Work of a student before the lessons

New school kleur tattoo van Mario, op de kuit

The tattoo that was done during the tattooing lesson

New School tattoo in kleur van een baby tijger, op de kuit.

work of the same student after the lessons


A little sneak peak...

Voorbeeld van tattoo-technieken Kam Azat
Voorbeeld van tattoo-technieken Kam Azat
Voorbeeld van tattoo-technieken Kam Azat
Voorbeeld van tattoo-technieken Kam Azat
Voorbeeld van tattoo-technieken Kam Azat
Voorbeeld van tattoo-technieken Kam Azat


Everybody! Insane is excited to welcome all artists.

The seminar Procreate drawing starts at 10 AM and ends at 6 PM. We cannot say at what time the seminar tattooing will end, because that depends on when the tattoo will be finished.

In our studio in Roeselare:

Ardooisesteenweg 166
8800 Roeselare

For the seminar drawing we will be limited to 5 students.
Because of this, everybody will get individual attention, and it won't matter that there are students of different levels.

The seminar is also for artists who are starting out, everybody will get personal coaching.

Azat will explain the techniques he developed ver the years to work as efficiently as possible. He has a interesting way of teaching with a lot of passion. We guarantee that his lessons will contribute to the work of both experienced and starting artists. Everybody gets coaching on their own level.

For the seminare Procreate drawing you will need an Ipad that has Procreate on it and an Apple pencil.

For the seminare tattooing you'll also need your Ipad and Apple pencil, and a tattoo machine.

When you sign up for a seminar you will receive a confirmation and invoice. The invoice should be paid before the lessons start.

If you can provide a customer yourself, so much the better 🙂
Inksane can help you find a client, just let us know in time.

Yes, you will need your own Ipad with Procreate installed on it, and an Apple pencil.

There will be a break for lunch. If you need an additional break, you can let Azat know.

You can bring your own food and drinks for during the break.

There is an automat in the reception with soda and there is always free coffee.
A little bit down the street there is a supermarket where you can buy something to eat.

Azat speaks Russian, and basic English.
For the group lesson, Procreate drawing, our artist Aliona will be present to translate from Russian to English (and/or Dutch) if it's needed.

The one on one tattooing lesson will be in English.

If you are interested in a tattoo of Azat, you can fill out the booking form at the bottom of this page. booking form fill in at the bottom of this page.

You can also book a session with him if you are in the shop for the seminar :)

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