What our customers have to say

Kenneth Scieur

Client Rani


Second time coming to get a tattoo from Insane/Rani. Customer service is top notch and very friendly. Pleasant atmosphere in the store as well. The tattoos themselves have always been done with sufficient care and explanation. The artist always gives clear communication and the result is always what I want. Good and clear explanation about the care. Tattoos have come out very nicely after healing. Top store!


Pete Rigole

Client Chesney


I had had a tribal done at Inksane in the past, I was very satisfied with the artist and service then too. I had now sent an email to have the tribal shaded. Within 3 days I had a reply and within the week my appointment. I received friendly and correct info via mail. My artist was Chesney, he is very smooth and pleasant. He already had a design ready and was definitely open to me wanting to change some things. The placement of the tattoo also went smoothly. There were other artists around me who sometimes came to chat with me and were also working on their own tattoos. This makes for a nice bustling atmosphere in the shop. Chesney put me at ease and explained the aftercare very well. Inksane was recommended to me by colleagues, and soon I will be back to make an appointment for my wife's tattoo. So you will definitely see me again.


Karen Vaneeckhoutte



Via email I was immediately introduced to the artist who could live up to the design I sent. Furthermore, I was neatly informed by phone and mail about the steps to follow. During my first visit I immediately came to the conclusion that my chosen design was too big. I got scared, because it was my first tattoo and I had no idea. She immediately put me at ease, and suggested an alternative. After booking a new appointment with a new design, I had the tattoo I wanted. I was put at ease, and given all the info I needed. This business shows professionalism! I am super satisfied, and should I be crazy again in the future, I will definitely come back.


Nikita Serlet

Client Kam Azat


My first visit to the tattoo shop went great. We were very well received and helped quickly. I came for an appointment and unexpectedly I was allowed to sit in the chair an hour later.
With the artist it also went great. Very friendly and careful. We both could not speak English well but still we could understand each other well and he gave good advice about the design of my tattoo and he made my tattoo beautifully and I got good explanation about the aftercare. I definitely recommend everyone to come to Inksane. You come in a nice atmosphere and environment.
Keep up the good work everyone!!!!
Thank you!!!!!


Sofie Ghyoot

Client Rani


Website is user-friendly and clear. As are the artists and their portfolios. After filling out the application form, I received a quick response via email. After reading the portfolios, my choice was made and I was also matched with my preferred artist. Both reception staff and the tattoo artist made me feel welcome. Rani felt my style very well , I here therefore to have a second tattoo done by her. She worked smoothly and hygienically and often asked if I was ok. She spontaneously explained the follow-up and aftercare. I love both tattoos she got and get compliments very often! When I tell people I'm having my tattoo done in Roeselare they immediately ask if it's at Inksane. So you guys are definitely known and highly recommended for those who don't know you yet. I will definitely come back for my next tattoo. I think the collaboration with multiple artists is a big plus. Mainly because this offers a wide range of tattoo techniques but also because making an appointment goes just a little bit smoother and faster.


Vienna Derycke

Client Maycon


Inksane is a super tattoo shop. Via email there is always quick response and they help you as much as they can. I had an appointment with Maycon today and she did a super job adjusting it to what I wanted. And also made it a super nice design. His design was even better than I had in mind! The shop itself is fine. Clean, hygienic as it should be. Top reception, everything runs super smoothly, I feel very comfortable here. Very friendly team, they talk to everyone, and put you at ease. I am really VERY satisfied with my tattoo! It's not the first time I came to Inksane, but definitely not the last either. For big tattoos I will definitely come back here! It's always a laugh here but professional when it needs to be. I definitely recommend Inksane to everyone!


Jonathan De Clercq

Client Maycon


Great and fast communication! Maycon is truly a top guy and top talent. At the first design, I immediately felt he was the right person for my design. Very open communication and nothing was too much. Super happy with the result! Maycon comes highly recommended. Thx Inksane!


Tanicha Janssens



Very quick to make an appointment, helped immediately. Very good match of artist to my tattoo. Very friendly and took into account my wishes. When placing, there was a huge amount of attention to how I was doing, if I needed a break etc. Super satisfied with the design that was made. Reception is also very friendly and customer oriented. I always get good explanations about aftercare + you get a form with me about everything you need to know about aftercare. I definitely recommend Inksane to those around me because there is an appropriate artist for every kind of tattoo. 10/10 for Inksane!


Cliff van biene

Client Rani


When posting an appointment and idea, this was answered super quickly. Was immediately and correctly helped further in finding the perfect artist and set an appointment. The shop is also easy to find and even accessible via public transportation. I had an appointment with Rani and it was a match made in heaven. My idea was perfectly executed and also knew how to respect my wishes. Upon arriving, I was helped quickly and professionally by the staff. Enough explanation and expectation was good. Once at the artist, we followed in. Placement of the stencil went super smoothly. When we started there were nothing of problems, super friendly and empathetic. Really listens to her customer when she is working and hears when you are getting to your limit and could use a break. Tattoo is super and definitely worth repeating. Shop: 10/10, Artist: 10/10! Would definitely recommend it to anyone. For every style and idea, there is an artist for you!


Kenny lodger

Client Rani


Quick to make an appointment and did not have to wait long on site. Friendly staff and the artist asked several questions if everything was satisfactory. Didn't feel anything during placement and received a good explanation for care.


Glenn Vergeyle

Client Sai


I contacted them through facebook. They responded very quickly and managed to find an appointment witch fitted our schedules. First appointment I immediately agreed to sign and felt at ease. Without stress I started with my tattoo. It needed some quick last minute adjustment but she does a great job. I am very happy with Sai. She does more than expected. I got a beautiful tattoo! I recommend everyone to pass by for sure. You will definitely not regret it! I will definitely return.


Lucas Van Den Bremt

Client Chesney


The communication was excellent and was helped very well. I had an appointment with Chesney, he helped me with my idea. The shop is very clean and I really felt comfortable. Very good! The tattoo was done smoothly. I got a good explanation about the care afterwards. I myself am very satisfied and even my family and friends like the tattoo very much. I have already told friends about Inksane.


Jonas Devlieghe

Client Gennadiy


Appointments always made via email and always got a very quick response. Even when a spot became available I was contacted if I wanted to come earlier. At the first meeting with Gennadiy it was quickly clear that he is a professional. In a few hours the design was ready and he started working on it right away. Meanwhile, my sleeve is almost finished. This is definitely where I will keep coming back!


Rita Vlassenroot



Very good reception with looking together for the tattoo, was super. She was touted as she does the dot effect and fine lines of work best. Went to Inksane the day itself without stress with a good and familiar feeling. Determined the size together and it went off without pain and stress. Very smooth. Afterwards we looked at the tattoo together. Really super content and had this experience for the first time with a good feeling. Everything was very neat and clean. Am super content! Thanks!


Eva Moerkerke



I 100% recommend Inksane! Through the website I chose an artist and forwarded my design. Not long after, I was contacted by the reception who immediately provided concrete and clear info. Great! My appointment was quickly fixed. After a first more I was convinced she understood me and had my full trust. During my appointment I was immediately put at ease. The setting went very well, she is very caring and pleasant. I also told her that she could use her creativity and her own insight, and it was rewarded! I am super happy with my tattoo! After placing it, I was given the necessary explanation about the aftercare. I would say: the place to be! There is a professional, yet collegial atmosphere!


Fleur Jonnaert

Client Maycon


The welcome was very customer friendly and helpful. For my first tattoo I went to Maycon. I saw his work and immediately fell in love with his work. I myself was able to have a very good chat with Maycon. I didn't know how much the tattoo was going to hurt but Maycon reassured me. Which made me feel very at ease. The placement of the tattoo itself went very smoothly and I felt at ease. Inksane is definitely recommended because they know what they are doing. They direct and help you with what is best for you and the tattoo. Thank you so much Inksane!


Whitney Ferla



Super communication, via phone and email helped immediately. She was a super match for my tattoo idea. Experience with the shop is good, I have visited Olga and Rani in the past. Good atmosphere and did feel comfortable. Everyone is friendly. Designs of my tattoo was super thought out, both ideas. Placement of the tattoo was not too bad. No pain, no gain! Super satisfied of my tattoo, friends, family and colleagues ask me about the artist who placed my tattoo. I recommend many people Inksane, beautiful designs posted here. Handsome! Nice people in a nice atmosphere.


Julie Vanhauwaert



After long hesitation decided to get my first tattoo on my 3rd birthday. When making the appointment I immediately had a good feeling with Inksane. Professional and very friendly! The day itself some nerves for what was about to happen but once she showed the design, I knew this was the best choice. You immediately feel at ease and everything is well explained. In 1 word a super experience! And for the people who doubt ... Just do it!


Dany Knockaert

Client Dmitry Khmarsky


Contacted them in the afternoon via messenger and quickly got a reply back. I called them up in the evening and made an appointment for the next day 🙂 I had some samples of the tattoo and Dmitry immediately made the right design for me. The hospitality was palpable and since I'm not from the area, they immediately helped me find a place to eat. TOP! The explanation after the tattoo about the post-treatment was super clear and the free ointment I got made my appointment truly awesome. I got to know Inksane through the internet and had been following them on Facebook and Instagram for a while. If any friends want a tattoo I'd definitely recommend Inksane. Thanks and until the next tattoo!


Emily Devijver



Appointment was made via email. Very quick and good response. Inksane's artist was very friendly, calm, open to adjustment and asked several times how the pain was going. Very good experience. Very satisfied with the idea, elaboration,... Overall very satisfied. Pleasant place. I would definitely recommend Inksane to others 🙂


Lain Vanthourout



Very quick response about my question about a sleeve. Inksane is definitely the right person for the sleeve I want. Friendly and pleasant atmosphere in the shop. Very satisfied and already looking forward to the next sessions!


Fouad Vandercruysse

Client Kam Azat


Called first for some info, then stopped by. Friendly reception. The studio is also very hygienic, beautiful and professional. I wanted a text tattoo and was lucky that top artist Azat Kam was present and could receive me a few days later. Upon arrival, he had already made up several designs to my liking. We then fine-tuned them together before inking my body up! The result was amazing. I am very satisfied with my tattoo. Inksane is definitely a must. It was my the first time, but it'll certainly not be the last. Thanks Azat!


Alex Casier

Client Kam Azat


Very smooth and friendly communication! The artist was a perfect fit for what I wanted. Also had a very pleasant experience in the shop. It was very hygienic too! My tattoo was my own concept and the artist drew it out and brought it to life. The placement of the tattoo went very smoothly. I got the necessary info about the aftercare very well explained to me. The tattoo is beautiful, as confirmed by the many compliments I get about it. I would recommend Inksane 100% to anyone who wants a tattoo.


Thomas Van Robaeys

Client Glenn


Saw on Facebook that Glenn was still looking for people to practice on. Upon seeing the beautiful examples I sent an email to ask if he saw this possible to place a bracelet around an already existing tattoo. Within the hour I got an answer that he wanted to do this and about 2 weeks later I will already be in the chair with him. He made 3 designs and the choice was quickly made! The placement went smoothly and in a very pleasant way. The atmosphere is super. I was completely at ease. I also got enough information about the aftercare. Very satisfied with my tattoo. Very likely to recommend after this very positive experience.


Kimberly Geets

Client Roman Vainer


I am an eternally satisfied customer. After going to Roman Vainer once for a realistic portrait, I returned 4 times fairly soon after for more of his work. The people at Inksane listen carefully to what you want and also take into account the pain you might experience in more sensitive areas of your body. I will definitely keep returning for more beautiful tattoos. For a good experience, I would recommend this shop to anyone.

Chesney Devos

Client Sergey Dudka


Had my first 2 tattoos done here by Sergey. I am very satisfied with the result. I also received a very friendly welcome and the information regarding aftercare is also very good. In short, good shop, would definitely recommend it.

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