Our most common tattoo styles:

New School

New-school tattoos.... ..thx to old-school. Those who want to bring more color into their lives do so with a new-school tattoo.

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Bio-organische black and grey tattoo op onderarm en hand. Schedel. Gezet bij Inksane tattoo en piercing.


Bio-organic tattoos: flowing along with human anatomy Do you like tattoos that like the scary out of

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Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoos, what you need to know: Well-known tattoo artist Bang Bang introduced the fine line tattoo to the general public through his work

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Maori Tattoo

Authentic and powerful. What we call a "Maori tattoo" is actually a Kirituhi tattoo. Kiri means skin, and tuhi means art. If you get this

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With micro-realism, every detail is worked out meticulously. Although these tattoos are small they contain...

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Manga tattoo in kleur op kuit, krijger met gekleurde bol.

Cartoon and manga tattoos

Cartoon and manga, Appointment disney and more. Release your inner Disney fan or Anime fan completely and seal that love with a beautiful cartoon and

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Small tattoos.... ..small but nice. When you hear the word small, you actually know enough.

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Sketchy tattoos.... ..jumping out of the sketchbook. Let's get right to the point: sketchy tattoo designs are not the unfinished and simple designs

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Watercolor tattoos, Appointment ready for a splash of creativity? An ideal way to bring more color and movement to your tattoo is through

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