New school tattoo op kuit, gezet bij Inksane tattoo en piercing. Kameleon met een helm op bromfiets.

New School

New-school tattoos.... ..thx to old-school. Those who want to bring more color into their lives do so with a new-school tattoo.

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Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoos: what you have to know. The famous tattoo artist Bang Bang introduced the fine line tattoo to the big audience by his

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Old School

old school tattoos.... ..never going out of style! By Old School or traditional tattoos you would think of small tattoo studios with large machines where a

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Maori Tattoo

authentic and powerful What we call a "Maori tattoo" is actually a Kirituhi tattoo. Kiri means skin, and tuhi means art. If you get this

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Zwart-wit tattoo op pols van Wall-E, gezet bij Inksane tattoo en piercing


sketchy tattoos.... ..jumping out of the sketchbook Let's get right to the point: sketchy tattoo designs are not the unfinished and simple designs

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watercolor tattoos ready for a splash of creativity? An ideal way to bring more color and movement to your tattoo is through watercolor tattoos.

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inksane Tattoo Bruxelles