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Inksane Brussels: high quality tattoos

At our tattoo shop in Brussels, you can pick from a wide range of different styles to get your unique tattoo. 

At Inksane Brussels, you can find resident artist as well as and guest artists who each specialise in one or more unique tattoo styles. 

Walk-ins without a reservation are welcome from Tuesday to Saturday between 11:00 and 18:00. You can also visit us after hours or on Sundays and Mondays by appointment.

Our artists go to work once you decided which tattoo you want

Tattoo styles

Our artists usually each specialize in 1 or 2 genres. Below you'll find every genre for which we have a (guest) artist available.

Bio-organische black and grey tattoo op onderarm en hand. Schedel. Gezet bij Inksane tattoo en piercing.


Bio-organic tattoos: flowing along with human anatomy Do you like tattoos that like the scary out of

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New School

New school tattoos... ..thanks to Old School. For those who want to bring more color into their lives.

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Fine Line Tattoo

Fine line tattoos, what you need to know: Well-known tattoo artist Bang Bang introduced the fine line tattoo to the

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Surrealistische tattoo op onderarm, gezet bij Inksane tattoo en piercing. Vrouwengezicht met rubics cube.


Surrealism is destructive, but is destroys only what it considers to be shackles limiting our vision.

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With micro-realism, every detail is worked out meticulously. Although these tattoos are small they contain...

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Small tattoos.... ..small but nice. When you hear the word small, you actually know enough.

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Constultation and course of events

At Inksane Brussels, the process for getting a tattoo is as follows:

  1. Come by without an appointment, or send us an email.
  2. First, we'll discuss the elements or meaning you'd want incorporated into your tattoo.
  3. Then you choose the tattoo style that best suits your idea. Do you still have doubts about the ideal style, or do you have no idea at all what to expect? No worries, our reception will guide you towards the best suitable style.
  4. After that, we can suggest some appropriate tattoo artist(s) to you who can work out your idea.
  5. If you agree on the idea and artist, our reception desk will set up an appointment for you with the chosen artist. We ask for a deposit for this.
  6. Finally, all there's left to do if for you to get tattooed by one of our talented tattoo artists on the appointed date!

Not sure yet what kind of tattoo you want? Visit us to discuss your idea. Our receptionists will take you through all the different styles and subjects. Then they will look for the artist who can best fulfil your idea. This is completely free of charge.

You can visit the reception of our shop in Brussels without an appointment. It is open from Tuesday to Saturday, between 11h and 18h. Do you prefer to book an appointment online? That's also possible by using our digital booking form.

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Skilled tattoo artists

At our Brussels tattoo studio we work with a diverse team. Our Team includes regular and guest artists of world class. Our artists come from many different backgrounds. 

Many have had their own tattoo studios in the past. This has given them years of experience. These experts have also focused on one or more tattoo styles. Therefore, there is always an artist who can realise your personal idea in detail.

Family atmosphere

Thanks to our warm reception
and artists


Our average score out of 607
FB reviews

High creative standards

Only the best artists in their field.

Waiting times

Available online


Our average score out of 336 Google reviews

Quick digital access

You can email us, call us, or just drop by.

No regrets

Professional guidance on choosing your artist

Foto van Aliona, resident artist bij Inksane Roeselare
Foto van het Inksane Brussels team

Visit our tattoo shop in Brussels. You can also find us in several places in Belgium, like Roeselare and Sint-Niklaas. All of our talented artists are ready to give you the perfect tattoo.

Send us an a href="" rel="noopener" target="_self">email, contact us by phone or simply drop by. Our reception will be happy to help you and make sure you end up with the most suitable artist. This information is completely free of charge. You are certainly not obliged to make an appointment or anything like that. Do you still have questions? Feel free to take a look at our FAQ list.






Our artists

This is just a small selection from our team of specialized artists.

For the complete list click below:

tattoo artist johra
Regular artist


Guest artist

Maycon Espindola

Gennadiy, gastartiest bij Inksane, plaatst een tattoo op de bovenarm van een klant.
Guest artist in action

Gennadiy Golovach

Opening weekend

Tattoo convention in Leuven

piercing aftercare

building the shop

What our customers think of us:

Very nice setting. (Clean with a nice decoration)
Impeccable welcome by Michael (who takes his time to communicate and is very sociable)
Personally I was tattooed by Steven whom I thank enormously. Sweet, kind, smiling guy who delivers beautiful work.
Inksane is a 5-star brand.
I thank them alot an will see them again soon.
Allison Manderlier
Ann Andries

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  1. Nous sortons de chez eux pour un tatouage pour mon fils . travail très précis, gentillesse et accueil au top tant pour la mère que pour le fils 🤣prix tout à fait corrects, très très bonnes hygiène et professionalisme top. Je recommande et nous y retournerons avec plaisir tant au Tatoo qu au piercing

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