When inspiration runs out. 

With a tattoo you don't go overnight: you want an original tattoo, you have to decide the place on your body, do you want it in black and gray or in color and so much more. But where do you get your tattoo ideas?

You can remove tattoos with a laser, or hide them with a cover-up tattoo, but really you should walk around with a tattoo that you will be proud of for the rest of your life. 

The tattoo has to be totally your thing. A tattoo design where there is room for your opinion, a tattoo based on your ideas. 

But where to find these ideas?

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What is an original tattoo?

Some clients bring an image, and ask for the exact same tattoo. This is no original tattoo; You might even call it plagiarism.

That customer had an original idea for a tattoo, the original tattoo artist put a lot of time into his design, the customer paid that tattoo artist for the design and tattoo, and finally you want to take credit. That's not how it works. Where do you get your tattoo ideas?

An original tattoo suits you. You can get inspiration from all kinds of tattoo artists. We even recommend this!
Almost every tattoo artist/studio has a Facebook or Instagram-page, also Inksane.

Get as many ideas as you can: what styles do you like, what subjects appeal to you, do you want a tattoo in color or black and gray. 

Once you have made these knots, you can approach a tattoo artist with your idea and ask him to create an original design for you

How do I find an original tattoo idea?

Don't have any tattoo ideas at all. Asks it to a tattoo artist. A good tattoo artist will never tattoo completely the same design twice (unless it is about friendship tattoos). 

Inspiration and ideas you can pick up anywhere: in everyday life, in movies, but also in your imagination. Nothing is crazy enough!

Online you will find many tattoos: not only on Facebook and Instagram, but also on Pinterest, for example. Keep your favorite designs on your own Pinterest board, and you might develop a definite preference. 

The tattoo may have deep meaning for you, but it doesn't have to. The tattoo can just as easily be a living work of art. 


Every tattoo artist has a specialization.

You don't ask the butcher for bread, and you don't ask the baker for meat. Each has focused on one domain, and so it is with tattoo artists.

There are dozens of tattoo styles, buteach artist has their preferences and strengths.
Some tattoo artists only do portraits, others bio-mechanic or old school.

Not sure which Inksane tattoo artist is best suited for your tattoo idea?
No worries! If you get all the info with our reception shares, then they can immediately book you in with the correct artist.


What styles exist?

There are quite a lot tattoo styles: one style is not better than another. It's about personal preference.

Some artists combine different styles, so you can't pigeonhole every tattoo.

If you know what style you want your tattoo in, you have already made a great step forward.
Then you can contact our reception for free: they will go over with you all possible artists in your favorite tattoo style. If you want, you can also book an appointment.

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  • Not sure if your idea is clear enough?
  • Having doubts about placement?
  • Want to know how much the tattoo will cost?

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