Ears are like knees

there are no splendors.

But hey: that's why we make our ears more beautiful with ear piercings. There are an awful lot of different kinds. Below we list the most popular ones. 

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What ear piercings exist? 

Just about any piece of your ear is suitable for piercing

Unfortunately, sometimes the anatomy of your ear may not be suitable for a particular piercing. Our piercers will then explain this to you. It doesn't happen often, but a man forewarned is worth two.

If you wanted every possible ear piercing, your ear would look like this 🙂 .

Most start with the holes in the earlobe. Next is the choice To you: do you want a helixanti-tragus or daith piercing? You ask, we pierce!

Looking for inspiration? Then take a look at our Instagram page: our piercers are a crack at their craft and also share all kinds of facts on Instagram. 

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Inksane newsletter: fine line tattoos
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Anke Labaere - Inksane Roeselare

Anke Labaere - Inksane Roeselare

Curious about the most popular ear piercings of 2023?
These were the helix, conch and smoke.

How do I care for my ear piercings? 

The piercer has done her job, now it's up to you. 

Patience is a virtue, especially with piercings in cartilage. These heal slowly: it takes 6 to 8 months for your piercing to heal. 

Piercings in the earlobe heal faster: this takes about 3 months.


We always give the tips below so the piercing can heal as quickly as possible and avoid irritation.


What not to do:
  • Not fiddling, twisting, pulling, pushing on your new piercing. 
  • Don't sleep on your ear. This creates additional pressure.
  • Do not use alcohol
  • Avoid swimming, sauna, tanning bed and taking a long bath for 4 to 6 weeks. During these activities, your blood vessels expand. There will be natural swelling after piercing, and you don't want additional swelling. This can lead to infection.
What to do:
  • Wash your hands before touching the piercing. 
  • Clean your piercing up to 2 times a day with a saline solution. We recommend Neilmed Piercing Aftercare to. 
  • If you do not have a saline solution, then you can clean the piercing under flowing lukewarm water up to 2 times a day.


  • My piercing is swollen.

This is completely normal because your body is reacting to the new piercing. 

If you suffer from a lot of swelling combined with pain, it's best to go for a free check-up drop by.

  • My piercing itches. 

This is a good sign: your piercing is starting to heal! 
Too much itching or pain is not a good sign. Then it's best to go for a check-up drop by.
  • I suffer from bumps around my piercing. 

Usually they are harmless, and are caused by irritation. 

To be on the safe side, stop by, and we will help you. 

Don't wait too long for that check-up: then you run the risk of permanent scar tissue. 

  • Do you have any other questions?

The price of piercing, our gems and much more info can be found at Inksane Piercing.

When in doubt, you can book a free appointment to ask all kinds of questions to the piercer. Then, if your doubts are cleared up, you can get your ear pierced immediately.  

Stephanie - Inksane Roeselare
Julie - Inksane Roeselare
Caithlin - Inksane Sint-Niklaas
Flavia - Inksane Ghent
Mare - Inksane Brussels

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