Can piercing make migraines go away? 

Surely this is claimed of the daith piercing. It would be THE piercing against migraines. 
In acupuncture, in fact, one applies pressure to the same area to reduce headaches. A piercing in this trigger point, then, would remedy migraines. 

What is a daith piercing?

The daith piercing is hidden in the middle of your ear. 

This piercing is placed very close to the ear canal, and thus must pass through the smallest fold with cartilage

Be sure to visit a professional piercer if you want this kind of piercing. Since this piercing is close to the ear canal, you want it done by a piercer with a lot of experience. That way, you won't risk hearing damage.


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A little swelling and itching is normal, but contact us if in the slightest doubt. 
During the check-up, our piercers can assess whether your daith piercing is healing correctly. 
  • Do you have more questions? 

The price of piercingour gems and much more info can be found at Inksane Piercing.

When in doubt, you can book a free appointment, to ask all kinds of questions to the piercer. If your doubts are cleared after that, you can get your daith pierced immediately. 

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2 Thoughts on “Daith Piercing”

  1. Good evening.with a daith piercing is there also testing done before the piercing is put? So that it is definitely on the nerve.I had read something like that in a clinic that they did tests to also know in which ear is best mvg

    1. Anke Labaere

      Hi Hans

      We will make sure your piercing is in an anatomically correct place, but we will not necessarily look for a nerve. Piercing into a nerve is also very dangerous and we will never recommend it. I suspect you want to place the piercing against migraines? We never guarantee medical solutions through piercing. Feel free to read the blog we created about this: https://inksanepiercing.com/piercings-voor-medische-redenen-daith-piercing-tegen-migraine/

      Kind regards

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