The Smiley Piercing: visible only when you smile. 

Are you looking for an unusual but trendy piercing? If so, you may be interested in the smiley face piercing. This piercing pierces the flap of tissue that connects the inside of your upper lip to your upper gums. What also makes the smiley very special is that the jewel remains nicely hidden as long as you don't smile.

Read on to learn more about this piercing and its pros and cons.

smiley piercing inksane

The history of the smiley face piercing 

Whether you're a fan of this trendy piercing or not, it's worth knowing more about its origins.

To find out the history of such piercings, we must first go to biology class. A frenulum is the common name for a skin flap that connects a moving piece of skin to your body. Frenum piercings happen already thousands of years by indigenous peoples such as those of the Timor island in Indonesia. This with a twist, though, because here it is about the stretchy piece of skin between the shaft of the penis and the foreskin. However, the first references to piercings of the frenulum in the mouth date from the late nillies, and have become very popular in the U.S. in the last 5 years.

smiley piercing inksane


The smiley piercing is one of the latest piercing trends, and for good reason! 

When piercing your "smiley face," the needle goes through the frenulum into your mouth. Therefore, the official term for the smiley piercing is the lip frenulum piercing.

To search for your frenulum, do this:

  1. Look in a mirror.
  2. Push your upper lip curled upward. 
  3. Find it thin piece of skin that connects the inside of your lip to your gum line. 

So you can make the piercing just seeing when you smile, hence the nickname Smiley Piercing.

smiley piercing inksane

Advantages and disadvantages of the Smiley Piercing

The smiley piercing is a great option for people who need a extra bold look daring. Of course, this piercing is also very easy to hide temporarily by not smiling. 

You may be surprised that such a piercing also heals quite quickly. Just make sure you choose a jewel that is not too large that could damage your teeth. If you do not play with the jewel in your mouth, you will no damage to your teeth do. It is possible, however, that a layer of plaque on the gem builds up. If you notice it in time, you can remove it with a baby toothbrush. If the plaque is on the gem for too long, it will harden and, unfortunately, you will not be able to remove it. 

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How does it work?

The piercer will look at your frenulum first, because unfortunately the smileypiercing is not possible with everyone. If it is not possible at your place, the appointment is also free. 

If your frenulum is too small, it may tear after piercing. Also, if you wear braces, a smiley face piercing is not possible.

If your smiley does get pierced, it will feel like a bite sting: a painful sting of short duration. The piercing itself is so quick, since the frenulum is very thin. The needle is sharp and barely 1.2 millimeters thick.

Not sure if your frenulum can be pierced? Make an appointment with one of our piercers and they will immediately tell you what is and is not possible. 

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What aftercare is needed for my new smiley piercing?

A smiley piercing heals in a different way than an ear or nose piercing. 

The mouth cleans itself, which is why this piercing heals quickly. After about 2/3 months, your smiley piercing will be healed.

What not to do:
  • Do not sit with your piercing (for example, with your tongue). This can cause damage to your teeth.
  • Avoid hot drinks and spicy or hard foods.
  • Do not remove the piercing.
  • Don't drink alcohol and don't smoke.
What to do:
  • Wash your hands before touching the piercing. 
  • Use 1 mouth rinse without alcohol (for example, physiological saline solution) once a day.
  • Keep brushing your teeth, but use a mild toothpaste (for example, a children's toothpaste instead of one with mint).
  • Even after your piercing has healed, continue to clean your jewel with a small toothbrush.
  • A smiley piercing does not affect lip fillers or other cosmetic treatments.


  • My piercing is swollen.

No need to worry: the skin around the piercing may indeed swell.

Are you stuck with swelling? Then be sure to return for a check-up.

  • My piercing is bleeding.

In your mouth there are many blood vessels. It is normal that your piercing may bleed a little during the first few days.

Does your piercing keep bleeding? Then you best return for a free check-up.

  • Do you have more questions? 

The price of piercingour gems and much more info can be found at Inksane Piercing.

When in doubt, you can book a free appointment to ask all kinds of questions to the piercer. If your doubts are cleared after that, you can get your frenulum pierced immediately.

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