Female tattoos: cliché? 

There are women (and men) walking with a butterfly -or flower tattoo around, but is that why this is necessarily feminine? 

We prefer not to think in stereotypes. Everyone gets tattooed what they prefer, regardless of whether it is a typical "male" or "female" design.  

Some tattoo styles appeal more to women. We will discuss these below.


What styles are most popular with women?

The most popular style among women is black 'n grey photorealism. So you can carry a loved one close to you forever, immortalize your favorite animal ...

New School is perfect if you love colorful tattoos with that extra pow. Also watercolor is rising in popularity.

For example, if you prefer to work without color, you can choose bio organic or fine line.

  • Black 'n Grey photorealism tattoos for women

  • New School tattoos for women

  • Watercolor tattoos for women

  • Bio Organic tattoos for women

  • Fine Line tattoos for women

How do you find a design for women?

Try to gather as many ideas as possible: which style do you like most, do you want to incorporate a particular subject in your tattoo, do you want to work color or in black 'n gray....  

With your ideas contact our reception. They will match you with the best suited tattoo artist. You probably don't know this tattoo artist yet, but for the best result you have to trust him. This is not obvious, but it is important to give your artist creative freedom.

You'll get to see the design in advance: sometimes this works out before your appointment. With other artists it will be on the day of your appointment. If your tattoo artist works freehand, it will be on the day itself anyway. Together with your tattoo artist you can make adjustments on the day.


If you are ready for a female tattoo, then contact one of our receptions!

The reception is available for advice and assistance. The info we provide is free and without obligation. So you don't need to fix a tattoo appointment.


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