Butterflies are cute!

Do you want a first tattoo? Want to memorialize something on your body? The butterfly tattoo is ideal for that. Do like Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Halsey, Harry Styles, they all have one!

Many girls get this tattoo because they think it is a beautiful bug, but also because the tattoo has a personal meaning.

But does it pain? And how much? Read on to find out that and a few secret meanings to discover...

Set by our artist Anni in Sint-Niklaas

Tattoo butterfly: Set by our artist Olga in Roeselare

Tattoo butterfly: Set by our artist Rani in Roeselare

What does a butterfly tattoo mean? 

Butterfly tattoos can have different meanings.

It can symbolize a person in your life: For example, parents have two butterflies tattooed, which then refer to their two children.

This tattoo is often about personal growth, a transformation you went through, a new love. Like a caterpillar, you turn into a butterfly. So many girls put it in a less visible place. Because it is something especially for yourself.

Tattoo meaning

Within various cultures, butterflies have meaning. The Aztecs believed that butterflies were the reincarnation of a dear deceased person.

At Japan the butterfly symbolizes the transition from girl to adult woman. When one then sees two dancing butterflies, it represents marital happiness.

What but few people know is that you can combine a butterfly with a semicolon tattoo to show that you are new courage have found after a bad period. 

So tattoos with butterflies have different meanings, but the tattoo has to be right for you. Whether you have a reason or not: it doesn't matter.

Set by our artist Kate Vainer in Roeselare.


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Does it hurt?

Never had a tattoo before? Sometimes you hear horror stories About how painful it is lol... Now the good news is that a small tattoo like this one is not so painful is. Then again, if you choose a experienced tattooist Of Inksane which it fast can put, all is not too bad. 

Also, all our artists have the official certificate 'Hygiene procedures for tattoos and piercings'" obtained, so you can sleep on both ears in that regard. 

Why is a butterfly tattoo popular? 

A butterfly is popular because of its design and meaning, but also because of their subtlety. Usually these tattoos are not that big and thus easy to hide.
Unless you go for photorealism like the butterfly with gorilla in the photo to the right, but that's for the pros 😉

A butterfly is an innocent animal, and a butterfly tattoo seems less harsh.

This tattoo cannot be done by just anyone. Depending on the chosen style, one or another artist is better suited here. Our Inksane reception specializes in matching your request with the appropriate artist from our team. Just fill out the booking form below and we will take care of the rest!

So as you can see, butterflies can also be used in a bigger picture, such as in a sleeve, in combination with other natural elements. 

Whatever idea you have: our reception can help you in your search for the perfect tattoo artist for your project!

Tattoo gorilla & butterfly: Set by our artist Dmitry Khmarsky in Roeselare
Tattoo butterfly forearm: Set by our artist Penumbran in Brussels

Can a butterfly tattoo be in different tattoo styles?

This tattoo comes in an awful lot of different styles. Especially that fine line or with fine lines is popular. And also does less pain. Below you can see some examples: 

photorealism butterfly tattoos

fineline butterfly tattoos

Classic style with more decoration around

Minimalistic butterfly tattoos

Olschool and neotraditional butterfly tattoos

Microrealism butterfly tattoos

Celtic butterfly tattoo

The Celts had a strong connection to nature. They believed that butterflies had a soul, and a butterfly was a symbol of rebirth.

The Celtic style resembles a tribal tattoo, but is more complex in design. The tattoos consist of one line. This is called a 'Celtic knot', and symbolizes the cycle of life. It resembles an infinity symbol.

At Inksane we don't have examples of that right now, but if you search on IG for #celticbutterflytattoo these are the first results:

Voorbeelden van keltische vlinder tattoos.
3D butterfly tattoos

A 3D tattoo is a photorealistic tattoo, but with a additional shade which the butterfly throws on the skin, so to speak.

This way it looks like the butterfly is really on your body. The butterfly becomes a part of your body.
We desperately need to take more pictures of our Inksane tattoos, for lack of 3D butterfly tattoo examples of our own, below again a few vb'jes from IG, searched on #3Dbutterflytattoo:

Voorbeelden van 3D vlinder tattoos.

Do you see it? 

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If you have any questions, the front desk will be happy to answer them. They will also match you with the most appropriate artist for your design. 

Still have questions? We also have a FAQ list with the most frequently asked questions prepared.


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Realistic colorful rose tattoo

Set by our guest artist Khmarsky in Roeselare

Set by our guest artist Khmarsky in Roeselare

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