Roses are red, violets are blue and a flower tattoo looks amazing on you.

A bouquet of flowers: who doesn't get happy? They are (usually) colorful, there are thousands of different varieties and they immediately brighten up your home.

Therefore, a flower tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos. You can have one flower tattooed, but also a whole sleeve.

Which flower may brighten your body?

bloem tattoo

What styles are possible with a flower tattoo?

A flower tattoo can be done in the most diverse tattoo styles: from photorealism to fine line, from surrealism to Japanese style.

There are two styles, which make little or no use of flowers. These are bio-organic and blackwork. The macabre element of bio-organic and the dark fantasy world of blackwork are anything but an obvious combination with cheerful flowers.

We have already discussed some of the flower tattoos in detail, such as the rose, the lotus and several Japanese flowers. If you are interested in any of these flowers, you can already take a look there.

Below we take you through our diverse tattoo flower meadow.


Is a flower tattoo sleeve possible?

Of course! With a flower tattoo, you can go subtle or lavish. The choice is completely up to you. 

If you are for a sleeve chooses, the flowers can be combined with other elements such as mandalas, animals, other flowers...



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