A subtle wrist tattoo by the hand 

A tattoo doesn't always have to be big and flashy. For those who prefer to keep it subtle, a tattoo on the wrist is ideal.

Also, this is suitable as a first tattoo, unless you plan to get an arm sleeve place.

If you do not want this and still opt for a subtle polstattoo, we can give you a handful of tips and facts here. 


What are the different types of polstattoos?

A wrist tattoo is visible without being too garish. It is also always easy to hide by wearing a watch, a bracelet or you can put a long-sleeved shirt or sweater on top. This can be useful in professional work life since some employers still dislike visible tattoos. Although they are increasingly in the minority, this is still an issue.

A helpful tip: don't get the tattoo too close to your palm.
When you fold the wrist, you can see that wrinkles appear under the palm. Avoid a tattoo in this place, as it will fade faster. It is better to put a wrist tattoo closer to the forearm.

The skin on the inside of the wrist is quite thin, it will more painful be to tattoo something here. If you have a low pain threshold, you might want to consider another place. On the plus side, such a small tattoo really doesn't take much time, so the pain is only of very short duration each time. Of course, there is always the option of placing it on the side of your arm as well.


Infinity sign 

The infinity or infinity sign as a tattoo is a popular subject. For some, an infinity tattoo symbolizes love or respect, while for others it symbolizes the limitlessness of the universe. This sign can easily be combined with other symbols (such as a heart, for example).

Many also have a text or word inscribed on their wrist. This could be the name of an important person in your life or a word you draw strength from.

It is also possible to have a special date tattooed such as a birth date, important event, and so on. These texts, like the infinity sign, are easy to combine with symbols.

Another option is a bracelet tattoo. This is a tattoo around the wrist that is like a bracelet, but in tattoo form.

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In what styles does a wrist tattoo exist?

A wrist tattoo comes in a variety of styles, colors and sizes. One of the most common styles is fine line. In fact, a wrist tattoo can be tattooed in any style possible. Below you will find a lot of inspiration.


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