Keep your loved one close.

At portrait tattoos there is often a deeper meaning behind it. This can be either as a reminder, reverence or beautiful gesture.

It can be about a dear person, pet or your favorite actor. So there are several possibilities when we talk about portrait tattoos.

Do you recognize Gary Oldman aka Sirius Black from Harry Potter below?


What are the types of portrait tattoos?

There are many different types of portrait tattoos possible. They can be broken down based on style and/or theme. For example, you can get a portrait tattoo in color or black & grey photorealism Of a loved one, your faithful pet or someone you look up to. 

Portrait tattoo of a celebrity

If you would like to have the portrait of a famous figure tattooed, it is best to let the artist choose a photo himself. You can of course provide some guidelines, such as "Artist A in his younger years" or "when this celebrity still had a beard," but other than that, the artist here is happy to insist on his freedom in finding the appropriate source material. 


Animal portrait tattoo

Your best companion staying with you always, this is certainly and already possible through a tattoo. A tattoo can stand for immortalization or as a remembrance of a faithful four-legged friend. The rule does apply: the bigger the design, the more detail and the better the end result. 

Of course, a pet as a portrait tattoo is not the only option; another animal is always welcome. Any animal can symbolize a characteristic. A tattoo of a lion for example, can stand as a symbol of strength. With animal portrait tattoos it is important that the reference photos have a lot of contrast, this applies to all reference photos. It is not always possible to bring your pet into the tattoo studio, so it is always better to take or collect some photos at home. The better the quality of the photo, the more detailed the tattoo artists can work. 

If you have a rough idea about what animal you want to have done, it is also sufficient to name the type of animal. The artist will prefer to look for a suitable photo himself. You may also show a reference photo but we cannot guarantee that it has not already been used. 


tips on reference photos

On our Pinterest you already have a board full of examples of ideal and not so ideal reference photos that can be used in portrait tattoos. Click here For examples of good reference photos and click here for examples of less recommended photos. These photos may also be helpful to the photographer. 

In the ideal photo, there is a lot of contrast, shadow and light but most of all it is not overexposed. The details in the face are visible and the entire head is in focus.  


Want to get a portrait tattoo? At Inksane, you can get portrait tattoos in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes.

It is of utmost importance that your tattoo looks like the reference, and this requires an experienced and specialized artist. We are happy to help you get the artist find the one that suits you best.

Take free contact on with one of our receptions! Still have questions? Feel free to read the FAQs.


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