Are tattoos M/F/X? 

You search massively for tattoos for men or for women. But typical men's tattoos: do they exist? 

In this article, we will focus on tattoos and designs, which are mainly popular among men.

Of course, this is not to say that women cannot find these tattoos beautiful. 

bio organic man tattoo

What styles are most popular with men?

Big or small, color or black/gray? 

At Inksane, most men choose a large area: a whole sleeve, the chest, the back...

A tattoo in color certainly does not have to be feminine. The most common style in color among men, is new school.

In bio organic, the artist often uses only black ink. This style is also more popular with men.

A fun fact: we put at least as many tattoos in color as in black 'n gray with men.

Here are some examples of new school and organic. 

  • New School tattoos for men 

  • Bio Organic tattoos for men



How do you find a design for men?

You can certainly use other people's tattoos as inspiration, but we will never copy someone else's work. 

Each tattoo is custom made: you share your ideas, provide info on or show pictures of the style that you like, tells what meaning the tattoo has for you ... Then the tattoo artist to work, designing a tattoo just for you. 

Usually, you don't know your tattoo artist yet, but for the best result, you have to trust him. This is not obvious, but it is important to give your artist creative freedom.

You will get to see the design in advance: sometimes this works out before your appointment. With other artists it will be on the day of your appointment. If your tattoo artist works freehand, it will be on the day itself anyway. Together with your tattoo artist you can make adjustments on the day. 


If you're ready for a male tattoo, then get in touchwith one of our receptions!

The reception is available for advice and assistance. The info we provide is free of charge and without obligation.

So you don't have to set a tattoo appointment. 


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