The king of jungle and tattoos. 

A Lion tattoo is a popular design. We can't blame you: it is a beautiful animal, which is at the top of the food pyramid and has no natural enemies.

The lion is also a constellation, but did you know that the lion has other meanings? 

leeuw lion tattoo

What is the meaning of a lion tattoo? 

Humans respect the lion: he is powerful, clever and an excellent hunter. Also mind, justice and protection are traits attributed to him.

The lion has played an important role in various cultures for centuries. Here are some examples:

  • Chinese lion tattoo:

    With Chinese New Year, you see dancing lions. Men crawl into suits and dance through the streets. A distinction is made between northern and southern lions.

    The northern lion represents youth and playfulness.
    There are three variants of the southern lion: the red lion represents loyalty, brotherhood, honor and dignity. The black lion is a fighter, always looking for a challenge and exudes aggression and strength. The yellow lion is the emperor, and symbolizes power, fortune and the heavens.

  • Hindu lion tattoo:

    Narasimha is the fourth incarnation of Vishnoe, and literally means man-lion. In some parts of India, he is seen as the great defender.

  • Buddhist lion tattoo:

    At the door of a Buddhist temple there are often two statues of a lion. They are called Fu dogs, and are the protectors of Buddha.

  • Greek lion tattoo:

    According to Greek mythology, the lion of Nemea was a huge beast, which was dangerous to humans and animals. Heracles had to perform 12 tasks as penance to save himself from the vengeance goddesses. The first task was to defeat the lion of Nemea. He strangled the lion with his hands, then wore the animal skin as armor.

leeuw cub tattoo
A realistic tattoo of a lion and its cub
Chinese dragon and fu dog tattoo
Chinese dragon and Fu dogs

A lion in different tattoo styles 

A lion tattoo does not have to be realistic or in black and gray. 

What do you think of these colorful realistic tattoos?


The Lion King as a new school tattoo cannot be missed, of course.


A fine line tattoo of a lion is also often requested.


The possibilities are endless. You can also make a lion combine with other elements, as you can see below. 

Are you convinced and want a lion tattoo? Also, do you already know what style? 

Please free contact the front desk!

If you have questions, they will be happy to answer them. We have also already answered some frequently asked questions at our FAQs.


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