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What is the most popular zodiac tattoo?

Inksane tattoo shop database: zodiac tattoos

We love data at Inksane tattoo shop, and our database of around 10,000 appointments since 2017 houses a lot of cool information. We regularly review and interpret this data to discover new trends.

For example, in this database we keep track of all the tattoos that are placed in our shops. Analysis of this data shows that zodiac tattoos, tattoos related to your star sign, are becoming increasingly more popular.

What animals can we find on the zodiac?

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Let us first talk about what this zodiac actually is, and what animals we can find on it. The zodiac is a region on the horizon in which people traditionally thought they could recognize animals. This by means of connecting the brightest stars, and of course a large dose of imagination. Since the position of the earth relative to the cosmos changes in a cycle throughout the year, people believed they could see a different animal in that patch of sky every month. Hence the name zodiac.

Thus we have Aries, Taurus, Cancer, Leo, Scorpio, Capricorn and Pisces. We also find some human figures: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Aquarius. Finally, there is also the centaur (Sagittarius), a kind of human/taurus hybrid.

We all sometimes attribute certain human traits to an animal, for example, a "stubborn donkey," or "proud as a peacock". So it seems quite natural to associate an image of an animal with one or more traits. In this way we can perhaps also explain the popularity of animals from the zodiac as tattoos.

Evolution in popularity of zodiac tattoos

We clearly see an upward trend in the Inksane data in terms of getting a zodiac tattoo. For example, while in 2017 only 2% of the total number of tattoos could be attributed to our clients' horoscope, that was a whopping four times more in 2021. 

Evolutie populariteit dierenriem tattoo’s 2017 2021
Totaal zodiac tattoos

In total figures of the number of tattoos placed, the increase is even more impressive. Here, of course, we must take into account the fact that the total number of placements at Inksane is also increasing year after year. 

From only 20 zodiac tattoo requests in 2017, we see a sharp increase to 235 entries in 2021. 

The big question now, of course, is which constellation is the most popular over this 5-year period?

The most popular Zodiac tattoo

populairste Zodiac tattoos

The numbers don't lie: the Lion tattoo is lonely at the top with about 63%. Small caveat, probably not every lion tattoo is related to that person's star sign. But we can still say that due to its general popularity, and the interaction with the customers in the shop, that the vast majority of Zodiac tattoos are a lion. 

The second largest entry in the database is an Aries. Since the Ram animal is generally less popular than the mighty lion, these are probably all astrological tattoos. We could say that Leo and Aries appear to be very proud of their star sign.  

The other Zodiacs account for smaller numbers between 1% and 4% of the total. So if you have a tattoo like this, you really do have a unique one. 

So is Leo the most vain star sign?

If we look at the definition of vain, we can read that this adjective is used to describe someone who admires himself, and/or wants to be admired by others. 

A tattoo is not always visible, and the reasons why someone gets one are obviously different from person to person. We know that a tattoo mostly has a personal meaning, and it is not really about wanting to show it to the outside world. 

They are, of course, works of art, and there is nothing wrong with sharing them with those around you. 

But are lions more likely to show off their tattoos than other constellations? We cannot possibly answer this question. All we can conclude from this limited research is that it has not disproved the thesis from astrology that Lions are vain.

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