Mandala tattoo & geometric tattoo

How do you recognize a mandala tattoo & geometric tattoo?

Mandala tattoo
Fine line mandala tattoo by Lara Stapower

Geometric tattoos consist of shapes that you can draw with a compass or ruler. Think circles, squares, rectangles, triangles... So these tattoos can be recognized by their clean lines.

A great example of this is the mandala tattoo: different geometric patterns are created from the central point of the tattoo symmetrical drawn outward.

Mandala tattoos and geometric tattoos are usually posted (depending on the style) by the same artists.
In addition, there are many other tattoo ideas for mandalas, such as lotus flower tattoos and combinations with other tattoo styles such as fine line, dotwork, blackwork... Although mandalas are often more popular with women, it is also a wonderful tattoo for men. The versatility of the mandala tattoo makes it the perfect choice for unique tattoo designs for everyone.

Kate Vainer tattoo 4
Underboob mandala by Kate Vainer
Mandala tattoo & geometric tattoo
Dotwork geometric mandala by Glenn Cornelis
Geometric tattoo
Dotwork geometric tattoo by Sai Thaiyingyong
Kate Vainer tattoo 2
Geometric & fine line mandala by Kate Vainer

What is a mandala?

Mandala literally means 'circle' in Sanskrit. Mandalas are popular in a variety of tattoo designs, including small tattoos, handpoke tattoos, and the henna tattoo. (The latter two are not done with us.) They are often combined with elements such as lotus flowers and roses. The tattoo pattern represents eternity, perfection and balance and serves as a focal point during the meditation. Mandala tattoos are drawn with symmetrical lines and can be both simple and complex, depending on the use of shading or "dotwork. They are beautiful as a tattoo on their own, as well as a tattoo filler, background or part of a larger tattoo. In Tibetan art and Tibetan Buddhism, the mandala is used as a type of map or symbolic pattern that represents the universe suggested.

Modern mandala tattoos can combine multiple styles, giving them a unique look. This makes the mandala tattoo a diverse choice for anyone who wants a personalized tattoo.

Mandala tattoo & geometric tattoo

Classic design of Mandala tattoos

The basis of a classic mandala tattoo is always a circle. This circle represents life, without beginning or end, just like our endless universe. The center of the tattoo represents the starting point and endlessness, from which lines and points spread out to shape the mandala tattoo. The lines and points in mandalas symbolize the entire universe and its infinite possibilities.

Difference between mandala tattoos & geometric tattoos

Although a mandala tattoo and geometric tattoo both use geometric shapes, they differ in meaning, style and application:

  • Mandala tattoos are usually circular, symbolize harmony and are often used for spiritual purposes. And remember: symmetry is central to a mandala tattoo.
  • Geometric tattoos have varying shapes and tattoo structures and can have different meanings. People often choose these tattoos as a form of abstract expression.
Geometric tattoo
Geometric tattoo

Mandala tattoo in a new look

The mandala tatoo today is much more than the classic circles. More modern interpretations often combine other tattoo styles, such as dotwork, fotorealism or blackwork. Often elements such as eyes, skulls, animals and flowers are added for unique mandala tattoo designs. These combinations create unique and personalized tattoos, guaranteeing that your mandala tattoo will exude perfection.

Why choose a mandala tattoo?

A mandala tattoo can take many forms and remains a versatile choice which offers super many options for people looking for unique and personalized tattoo designs. Choose the tattoo style that suits you well and let your mandala tattoo tell your story. A mandala tattoo can even be a combination of several styles, making it a unique work of art. The mandala in your tattoo can provide a focal point that exudes peace and balance.

Mandala tattoos remain a popular choice because of their deep symbolism and versatile tattoo design options. Whether you choose a classic mandala tattoo or a more modern variant, your mandala tattoo will always be a personal and meaningful addition to your tattoo collection. You can choose a small mandala tattoo or an elaborate tattoo sleeve, the possibilities are endless. Mandala tattoos can also be combined well with other tattoos, giving you a unique and personal tattoo design.


A mandala tattoo is always evolving, and new interpretations and tattoo styles keep popping up. As a result, the mandala tattoo remains a fresh and modern choice for anyone looking for a special tattoo. The versatility and beauty of the mandala tattoo ensure that this style remains popular, and the opportunities to make it your own turn to indicate are endless.

Mandala tattoo
Mandala tattoo back


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A guest artist is a high level artist from another country coming to our shop for a short period of time (for example 3 weeks).

Checking the design always happens in our shop. We don't send the design by e-mail. Because your guest artist is not in the shop permanently, checking your design beforehand is not always convenient. If you really want to see your design beforehand, we could for example schedule an appointment of 15 minutes on day 1 and have you tattooed on day 5.

We schedule one client per guest artist a day. On the day of your appointment you will have enough time to discuss and adapt your design if necessary.

Would you like to see the design beforehand? Be sure to let the reception know when booking your appointment.

No, that is not an option.

You can pay with cash, card and Inksane gift vouchers.

You can! Visit our shop online or buy one at the reception!

Inksane Gift Certificate

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Gift vouchers are valid for 1 year (the appointment has to be made within 1 year, the tattoo can be placed afterwards).
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You can use this voucher for tattoos and piercings in all of our studios.

There is no general price list. We work with a wide range of different tattoo artists: each of them has its own price rates and waiting period.

Some artists work with an hourly rate, others prefer a set price.
Our guest artists mostly have a day session price rate.

If you send us an e-mail with the tattoo you have in mind, we can give you a price estimation. In order to do this of course, we have to know what you want, which style, size, color or black and grey and body placement. If you don't know how big the tattoo should be or where to place it.. don't worry, our reception is happy to help you!

With the necessary information our reception can hook you up with the right artist and give you a price estimation. All this with a smile and free of charge.

For sure!

Every Inksane shop has a reception ready to answer your questions. You don't need an appointment to come in.

If it seems necessary to have a chat with the artist, we'll check if that is possible. If not, we will book in a short appointment to discuss your idea with the artist.

That depends on several factors:

  • The style (and thus the fitting artist. Every artist has their own price).
  • The size of your arm.
  • The complexity (or simplicity) of the design.
  • Color or black and grey.
  • Your skin type: We only know this when we start tattooing. Some skin types take the ink easily, for other skin types it can take up to 3 times more time before the skin takes the ink well.

A couple of ground rules:

  • expect around 4 sessions with styles such as biomech subgenres, scripting and other classic allround.
  • 5 to 7 sessions with black and grey photorealism.
  • 9 sessions for full color realism.

Our reception is professionally trained in estimating the amount of sessions needed for any given tattoo.
If you mail us (or show us in person) your idea, we will ask the necessary questions in order to then point you towards one or more artists and give you an estimation of the price and waiting time.

A day session with the same tattoo artist has the same price, whether it's color or black and grey.
An artist specialized in color is not more expensive than an artist specialized in black and grey.

Though black and grey tattoos go faster, so you will see more result after one day session.

Fun fact: our realism artists almost always prefer to do full-color 🙂

Yes, when booking an appointment we ask to pay a deposit.
With a guest artist that's usually around 150 euro.

If you book in via e-mail , you will receive an automatic e-mail with a payment button.
Via this button you will go to our deposit section and you can pay online.

If you book in via the reception, you will have to pay the deposit in the shop. This is possible with cash, card or an Inksane gift voucher.

You may bring maximum 1 person to your appointment.

If you are booked for a day session, we do not recommend you bring anyone along. It will be a long day for your partner.

Regular artists are our Belgian (local) tattoo artists, that are in the shop every day.
Most of the time these artists are trained by us. They also speak (most of them) Dutch.

Guest artists, on the other hand, are highly skilled artists that we select from all over the world.
They almost never speak Dutch, but most of them can speak English.

A guest artist is only here for a limited period. For example 3 weeks.
95% of our guest artists return on a regular basis, so you can book in bigger projects with them and spread that over a longer time period.

If you don't show up to your appointment, your deposit will be lost.

This is also the case when you cancel less than two business days before your appointment.

Guest artists are only here for a limited time, and their Inksane schedule has been fixed for a while. They count on you to show up to the appointment, since it is not possible for them to find another client last minute.

When did you cancel? 

  • No show = deposit lost.
  • Cancelling less than two business days before (business days = Tuesday until Saturday) = deposit lost.
  • Cancelling more than two business days in advance (business days = Tuesday until Saturday) = deposit stays.

What if you cancelled on time? 

  • You can leave the deposit in our system until you book in again or you can receive it back as a gift voucher. The gift voucher doesn't mention a name so you can give it away as well.
  • If you book in again immediately after moving the appointment, we will transfer your deposit.
  • If you change from Inksane shop or Inksane artist, your deposit stays valid.

A deposit is never refunded in cash or by bank transfer.

This, again, is different for every artist, but here are some ground rules:

  • The session starts at 11h.
  • then about an hour is spent on consultation, design, anatomy, placing the stencil, setting up booth ...
  • After that, your tattoo artist will continue until your design is ready. This could be at 15.00h but this could also be at 18.00h.
  • So don't plan your day in a way that you need to be home at a specific hour.

The hour at which your session is finished does not affect the price. Your price is a fixed daily price, and serves to finish that day's design. Some clients' skin absorbs ink easily, so we finish quickly, but it may as well be the other way around.

Some of our artists do cover-ups, some do not.

If you want a cover-up, say this from the start.

Most artists can cover a small tattoo with a much larger design. That being said, we have 2 cover-up specialists available: if your old tattoo took up your entire upper arm, your new tattoo obviously can't be much bigger. Our specialist will show you what is possible.

What you need to know about cover-up tattoos

  • A cover-up is always darker than your original tattoo.
  • You cannot use light elements or styles to cover (for example a portrait or a rose).
  • Give your artist as much freedom as possible. This way you will get the best result.
  • Ideally you laser your old tattoo a couple of times. The tattoo doesn't need to be gone completely but if the tattoo is already a little bit lighter, a lot of new possibilities open up for your new design. 

Are you looking for a good tattoo laser company? Ask our reception.

Yes, but for that we need to see your old tattoo first. Through clear photos if you want to book via mail , or even better if you come by the shop. Our reception will then estimate which Inksane artist is suitable for this.

If your tattoo is still fresh, it is important that your skin doet not get too moist.
Moist skin holds less ink, resulting in a faded tattoo.

Bathing, swimming, sauna, sweating, though work outs... they make your skin soft and moist. So we recommend you do not practice any of said activities before your tattoo is fully healed.

We recommend about 3 weeks of carefully taking care of your new tattoo.

No: we do not recommend you go out sunbathing. Not only during the first weeks after your tattoo, but also afterwards: a tattoo is only fully healed after 3 months.

Moreover, a tattoo is based on contrast. The lightest part of your tattoo is your skin color. The darkest part is the blackest ink. If you sunbathe often, your skin gets darker and so does the lightest part of your tattoo. This leaves you with less contrast, and makes your tattoo less ''readable''.

Finally, long exposure to the sun can break down the tattoo pigment. You should pay attention to that for the rest of your life.

It doesn't matter so much, as long as you don't expose the tattoo to the sun, don't go swimming ...
So getting your forearm tattooed just before you leave on a trip is not very convenient.

Getting a tattoo during the winter/autumn/spring makes more sense but that shouldn't hold you back from getting one in the summer.


There isn't a direct side effect between tattooing and a pregnancy but it's better to not take any risks during this period.

Baring the pain all day long also takes your immune system down a bit. You will be tired after such a session (pregnant or not 😉).
You want to avoid that, because you'll need as much energy as you can get a hold of in order to take care of your baby.

Of course! We have a webshop with high-end piercing jewelry. You can also book an appointment online to get pierced.

This is possible in each of our five studios (Roeselare, Sint-Niklaas, Brussels,Ghent,Sint-Truiden).

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