Interview Maarten Van Hulle

"I immersed myself in the beautiful African culture."

Meet: Maarten

48-year-old Maarten Van Hulle had a tattoo done on his forearm of the continent of Africa with an African woman mixed in. He told us that his tour of Africa was the inspiration for a tattoo he had been thinking about for a while. Maarten is a hard worker. He has been in the transportation business for years but focused on road transport later in his career. Besides his job as a road hauler, he likes to sniff nature by occasionally going cycling in his free time.

Immortalizing the love of Africa

Road hauler Maarten came to the tattoo shop to immortalize his love for Africa on his skin. The globetrotter has traveled a lot in his life, but lost his heart in Africa. The continent of beautiful nature and many animal species lit a fire in him that still burns. Maarten traveled almost all over the continent and was completely swept up in African culture. "I certainly didn't go there to be a tourist" he told us. He did not want to blend in with the big crowd but immersed himself in different communities away from the crowds. In addition, he got to know many people there who inspired him and made him a different person. His leap into the unknown made Maarten a true adventurer. No one will take this experience away from him anymore. Thanks to tattoo artist Chesney, he can spend the rest of his life with a tattoo that will forever remind him of an unforgettable period in his life.

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Helped immediately at the counter

"The idea of getting a tattoo about Africa had been in my head for a month or two anyway." Finally, Maarten cut the knot to visit the shop. At one point the feeling was so right that he decided to go for it. Anke was eagerly ready to work with Maarten to find the cut-out artist that fit the idea he had in mind. She suggested Chesney Fossaert as the perfect match. The image Maarten had in mind most closely matched his style. When Maarten was shown the design Chesney had settled on, he was immediately convinced. "Everything was immediately put in place around what would be on it." Maarten could sleep on both his ears and put his trust in Chesney's hands. The tattooing fortunately did not hurt, "it even tickles a little," he laughed. Halfway through, the design came to life and Maarten's expectations were met.

Amazing result

For a first session, the result blew Maarten off his socks. The tattoo is not only an artistic work of art, but it is also a tribute to the rich African culture and the unforgettable experiences Maarten has had on the continent. Just as a written story on paper can carry so much meaning, an artwork of ink set on skin can tell more than a thousand words.

The combination of what Maarten had in mind and Chesney's personal touch transform the design into an artistic gem. Click on the banner to make an appointment at Chesney's as well 

Previous experience with Inksane

Maarten previously had two tattoos done at Inksane that were both inspired by the artist Banksy. One tattoo is a dove of peace and the other represents Banksy's world-famous work: "Rage," better known as "The Flower Thrower." Banksy painted this artwork on the West Bank during his trip to Palestine. For these tattoos, he was able to turn to artist Glenn Cornelis, who works permanently at Inksane. The satisfaction of his first two works persuaded Martin to entrust Inksane with a tattoo close to his heart.

Client: Maarten Van Hulle
Artist: Chesney Fossaert

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