Testimonial by Dennis Gardin

"I knew that a cover-up of my tattoo would not be easy, but this result exceeds all my expectations."

At the age of seventeen, Dennis had an eagle tattooed on his upper arm. An impulsive decision that literally faded completely after many years. "You actually barely saw anything of the tattoo anymore. I hesitated for ten years whether to have it touched up or covered. But because I wasn't so satisfied with the quality anyway, I chose the latter," Dennis said. Through friends, he ended up at Inksane in Roeselare. "They had been there several times and were very satisfied, so I made an appointment there as well."

About Dennis

Here we meet Dennis, a 42-year-old window washer. Not only has he mastered the art of spotless shine, but he also attends Graspop every year where he can express his passion for metal - and rock music. The rough guitars and hard bass immerse him in a world where he can be completely himself. Beware: appearances can be deceiving. Behind his tough armor lurks a gentle family man. Together with his wife, they are blessed with two children who complete their family.

From eagle to wolf

What that new tattoo should be, then, was not immediately clear to Dennis. "I didn't want to make the same mistake as in my teenage years, and this time I wanted to think carefully about what I did want. During my research, I gradually came up with ideas, including a wolf. With these examples, I went to Inksane. There they helped me immediately, because they searched online for designs and thought along in terms of possibilities. Because since it is a cover-up, you have to take a number of limitations into account. And at Inksane they had a good view on that right away. Because the new design was going to be a wolf, they matched me with Magnus whose style really matched what I had in mind."

Sense of confidence

"I had no fear or doubts because the initial guidance at Inksane, combined with their expertise, immediately gave me a sense of confidence. Even when I ended up in the tattoo chair with Magnus himself. He listened carefully to what I wanted, worked out a design, and printed it out full size before he actually started. This gave me a good first view of what it would become. The first session took about eight hours, soon I will have to go back for a second session where the details will be fine-tuned."

But even though it is not quite finished, you can just see that it was set in a professional way and with a lot of precision. Very realistic, too. Incredibly punishing for someone to be able to do that so offhand. Pure art! Family, colleagues and friends are also enthusiastic. Even my mother-in-law, from whom I did not immediately expect it, is very positive. (laughs) And my wife was so impressed that she decided to make an appointment with Inksane for herself. For me, it surpassed all expectations, because I knew that a cover-up was not easy. Thanks to Inksane's expertise and technique, it turned out beautifully!"

Why Inksane is the go-to for a successful tattoo.

"I was really surprised by the customer friendliness at Inksane. No question is too much for them, and they guide you through their wide range of artists and styles. This helps you know better who suits you and your desired style. That's hard to do on your own, and if you go to a one-man band, it's still a gamble whether it's a match. At Inksane, you'll find something for everyone. In addition, they work super hygienically; it's like a doctor's office. I noticed that right away."

Client: Dennis Gardin
Artist: Oleg Magnus

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