Deeper meaning of the semicolon tattoo

A semicolon tattoo is a tattoo of a semicolon punctuation on the body. The rationale behind having the semicolon or semicolon tattooed is that it represents a pause in life, but not an end. Literally, then, we can say that instead of putting a period after it, we make it a semicolon.

History of the semicolon tattoo

We can trace the history of the semicolon tattoo to a non-profit organization called Project Semicolon. This American grassroots movement was started in 2013 by a father who had lost his daughter to suicide. Its purpose was and still is to put mental health on the map and give hope to individuals facing it.

betekenis puntkomma tattoo

Deeper meaning of the semicolon tattoo

Every year we hear something about the semicolon tattoos on social media. If you want to get one, there can be several reasons. They either indicate that you sympathize with people struggling with mental health issues such as depression, suicide, anxiety disorders, eating disorders and an addiction problem. Another reason may also be that you yourself had considered ending one's life but did not. In a broader context, they represent life balance and peace.


Semicolon tattoos are usually tattooed in the middle of the wrist or neck. The original intent of the semicolon project is that this tattoo would help make mental health discussable, and hence it is usually placed in a visible location. 

Of course, you can also have your own motivations behind posting, and choose a different place.

Where can you get a semicolon tattoo?

So semicolon tattoos are a powerful symbol for this very loaded subject. They come in a lot of styles from fine line to old school set, black or colored. At Inksane in Roeselare, Brussels or Sint-Niklaas, we have a wide choice of artists skilled in just about all tattoo styles.

Punt Komma Tattoo


So the symbolism behind the semicolon does carry a heavy load. Calling attention to suicidal thoughts and other psychological problems can be seen as heavy. But if this has a special meaning to you, a tattoo like this can allow more and more people to talk about difficult problems.

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