Lotus effect for the soul? 

In Asia, the lotus flower is sacred. The aquatic plant grows in wetlands, but no water or dirt ever sticks to the flower. This is therefore called the lotus effect. 

Would a lotus flower tattoo have the same effect on your soul? 

lotusbloem tattoo

What is the meaning of a lotus flower tattoo?

At night, the lotus flower closes its blades to show its splendor again the next day. Therefore, a lotus flower tattoo is linked to rebirth and new opportunities. Consequently, some individuals choose this tattoo after overcoming a difficult period.

As the lotus effect occurs, the flower symbolizes beauty and also purity.

You can find tattoos of the lotus flower in different colors. These are their meanings.

  • Pink lotus flower tattoo

The pink lotus symbolizes Buddha and the path to spiritual enlightenment. When the pink lotus has bloomed completely open, you have reached Nirvana. This is the main goal of Buddhism.

  • Red lotus flower tattoo

The meaning of the red lotus is similar to that of other red flowers. It represents love and passion. 

  • Blue lotus flower tattoo

Blue lotus flowers are very rare and have a special meaning. Namely, the flower symbolizes the pursuit of wisdom. This requires detachment from desires and emotions, which hinder personal growth.

  • White lotus flower tattoo

The meaning of the white lotus includes purity, grace, peace and faith. 

The white lotus also represents the Buddhist goddess Tara and the Hindu goddess Saraswati. She symbolizes divine feminine energy and fertility.

Moreover, the white lotus is a powerful symbol of a pure spirit.


Unalome tattoo

You probably have no idea what unalome is, but you will recognize it immediately.

The simple design has existed for centuries within Hinduism and Buddhism. Within these cultures, the unalome symbolizes enlightenment.

At the bottom there is the spiral (the lack of direction in life), in the middle you see lines in knots (the milestones we have to overcome to reach enlightenment) and sometimes above it the lotus, which symbolizes nirvana. 

If you haven't reached nirvana yet, you can also get the tattoo without the lotus.


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