Better 1 bird on the skin than 10 in the air. 

A bird tattoo is often requested as a design. With birds, therefore, you have many choices: from the toughest eagle to the sweetest blue tit. 
Which bird would you like to get tattooed? 

What is the meaning of a bird tattoo? 

Birds have one trait that makes all humans jealous: they can fly.
Every human wants to feel that freedom, to be able to fly away whenever you want.

Some birds have additional meaning: 

  •  The owl

From an early age, we learn that the owl is an intelligent creature (courtesy of "The Fabeltjeskrant"). The owl is synonymous with wisdom.

Owls are nocturnal animals, live solitary lives and can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees. The owl is undoubtedly one of the most intelligent birds, but is also bathed in a touch of mystery.

  • The eagle/eagle

The Eagle has landed:the famous words, uttered in the wondrous year 1969 by Neil Armstrong. He was the first American to set foot on the moon.

The eagle - specifically, the American bald eagle - has been the national symbol of the United States since the eighteenth century.

In doing so, an eagle power and dominance radiates. It is called the king of birds for good reason: the eagle is one of the largest and most feared birds of prey. If you get an eagle tattooed, you may want to be as independent, loyal and wise as the bird.

  • The Pigeon

They were heroes during WWII, but are also the international symbol for peace. You can recognize the dove of peace by the olive branch in its beak. The dove of peace also appears in the Old Testament in the story of Noah.

  • Songbirds

The cheerful and colorful little birds, which also symbolize beauty. Some examples are larks, wrens, thrushes and nightingales.

Did you know that singing is primarily a male thing? By singing, the bird marks his territory and tries to lure a female.

  • The raven and crow

The raven and crow are as black as night. They symbolize death.

In English, a group of crows is called 'A murder of crows': this probably says it all.

In what tattoo style are bird tattoos possible? 

A bird is often tattooed in color photorealism . Many opt for a (half) sleeve, giving the tattoo artist as much freedom as possible. This allows him/her to incorporate many details into your tattoo.

Smaller tattoos in fine line and obscure tattoos in blackwork are also possible.

Everything depends on your personal taste. Usually men choose a rougher design, and women choose a softer design.

At Inksane, however, we do not value stereotypes: if a man is a fine line tattoo a woman a sleeve wants with an owl, we think this is fine!


Are you convinced and want a bird tattoo? Also, do you already know what style? 

Then free contact with one of our receptions!

If you have any questions, the front desk will be happy to answer them. At our FAQs you will also find some answers.

The reception will match you with the most suitable artist for your design. This info is without obligation, so you are certainly not required to set an appointment. 


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