What do you mean? 

A text tattoo can be very personal: it can be the name of a loved one, a quote that helps you through the day, be the coordinates of your children's birthplaces....

Prepare in advance to be asked, "what does that mean?" because people are curious about the meaning of your text. 

A text tattoo: is it something for you? 

text tattoo

Howdo you choose a text tattoo font?

You can find your font via two ways:

  • You can visit websites, such as dafont.com, visit. There you will find thousands of fonts that you may use for free. You choose your favorite font, the size and the text itself. Little space is left for the artist.
  • You ask for a personalized font or design. The tattoo artist then uses his own font or designs one especially for you. This is what we call lettering or script tattoo instead of a text tattoo.
In the 1990s, people often chose the Chicano lettering style: these tattoos came over from the U.S., but the roots are in Mexico. A Chicano is a person who lives in the US, but emigrated from another country.
This style is characterized by the use of only black ink, references to Christianity, portraits of attractive women with clown makeup (also called a pasaya) and text that resembles graffiti, characterized by many waves and curls.
Nowadays, Dark Lettering or Black Metal Lettering is in high demand.
tekst tattoo
Dark lettering / Black Metal lettering tattoos
tekst tattoo
Chicano lettering tattoos

On what body parts can you place a text tattoo?

Text tattoos can be tattooed anywhere, but thelocation will determine how big/small the tattoo can be. A whole sentence on your wrist won't work, for example.

Listen to your tattoo artist: he only wants the best for you and your tattoo. You want your tattoo to still be legible in 10 years.

The popular spots for text tattoos are on the midriff, chest, inner arm and wrist.

There are also countless ways to get a text tattooed. You can choose just text, you can combine it with other elements (such as a rose), you can have the same tattooed with your mother/sister/best friend....

Dark Lettering/Black Metal Lettering tattoos 
Other Text Tattoos

Do you want a large or small text tattoo? Chicano, Black Lettering or any other font? 

Then free contact with one of our receptions!

If you have any questions, the front desk will be happy to answer them. At our FAQs you will also find some answers.

The reception will give you more info about the suitable artist, the cost... This info is non-binding, so you are certainly not obliged to fix an appointment.


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