What is small for you? 

On our Instagram page you'll often see (half) sleeves and large tattoos on display, but of course you can also for a small tattoo come to us.

But what is small? Some think initials are already big, others think a tattoo 10 cm in diameter is small. 

Below we give some examples and an estimate of the price. 


Why a small tattoo? 

Small tattoos can be great works of art.

If youdon't have a tattoo yet, it's not a bad idea to start with a small tattoo. That way you can learn how the tattooing process works, estimate for yourself how much it hurts...

These tattoos can also be added as gap fillers: you already have several tattoos on your arm or leg, but you still have a piece of bare skin here and there. With these tattoos you can fill those small spaces, and have a full sleeve.

These little ones are also suitable on small body parts: behind your ear, around your chest or groin, on your wrist or ankle... Since they are small, you can easily hide them.


Styles for small tattoos

Small tattoos do not have to be done in a specific tattoo style, but there are two styles that lend themselves best to smaller work. 

Fine Line Tattoos

Fine line is an illustrative technique where variations of line thicknesses, bring depth and movement to a tattoo. This style uses the thinnest needles to create simple and elegant designs. Fine line literally means "thin line," but sometimes a combination of thin and thick lines is used. This creates a beautiful contrast. 

Microrealism Tattoos

These tattoos contain the same amount of detail as a photorealistic tattoo, but the surface area is much smaller. This style cannot be practiced by every tattoo artist, but if you contact our front deskt, they will put you in touch with our best microrealistic tattoo artists.


Price for a small tattoo

The minimum price at Inksane is €65.00. For larger tattoos, we charge an hourly or daily rate.

For smaller tattoos, we determine the price based on the size, details... 

If you want to receive a price indication, you can contact our reception. They will make you a proposal without any obligation.


If this will be your first tattoo, it can be intimidating to contact us. We know that, but don't be afraid to ask questions. 

You can already take a look at our FAQs. On this page you will find the contact information for our receptions at the four locations.

Our receptions are at your service with advice and assistance. After you present your idea, the reception will match you with the most suitable artist. All contact information can be found here. 

All info is free and without obligation. Feel free to sleep on it!


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