The tattoo you don't want to regret. 

A hand tattoo is hip. On the top of your hand, your palm, a finger, between your fingers: many things are possible. Both men and women are getting their hands tattooed. 

With this tattoo, you are in one of two camps: pro or contra. Everyone has an opinion about a hand tattoo. As such, it is one of the most visible tattoos is. 

 Which camp are you in? 

hand tattoo

Info and tips for a hand tattoo

The hand is a delicate placeto get tattooed.

The skin consists of three layers:

      • The epidermis is the top layer. On some parts of the body, this is an extra thick layer (for example, calluses on the soles of the feet). The epidermis at the hand is thinner. This upper layer is constantly renewing itself: a correctly placed tattoo will fade faster on your hand anyway than on any other body part.
      • This is followed by the leather skin. In this second layer, the ink of a tattoo must be placed. A tattoo artist with little experience or knowledge may apply the ink too deeply or just too superficially. We are talking about millimeter work.
      • Finally, there is the subcutaneous connective tissue. This is where the fatty tissue, among other things, is located. You can guess: there is little fatty tissue on your hand.

A hand tattoo is unpredictable: even the best artist cannot guarantee a perfect tattoo because the thickness and underlying relationships of the skin layers on the hand are irregular. The proportions are subject to external factors and can change daily, so the healing process cannot be predicted either.


Some tips to keep your hand tattoo beautiful for as long as possible:

  • Choose an experienced artist. Not every artist wants to place a hand tattoo, so contact our front desk, and they will recommend our best hand tattoo artists.
  • Aftercare with a new tattoo is always important, but with a hand tattoo it is even more important. Follow the advice of your tattoo artist.
  • Even when your tattoo is healed, you should continue to take care of your tattoo . Keep hydrating your hands, don't soak them in water....
  • The sun is your natural enemy. Coat your tattoos with high sun protection.
  • Return in time for a touch-up. This can be as early as after one month. We offer a free touch-up within three months.
  • If you often work outside, we do not recommend a hand tattoo. The rough texture of your hands will cause the tattoo to fade quickly.

Hand tattoo designs 

If you want a hand tattoo, we recommend the top of the palms . The top of the fingers will fade and bleed faster. The skin on your knuckles moves a lot, renews itself quickly and ages quickly.

Tattoos on the sides of the fingers and palm are guaranteed to fade and bleed. In time, this produces a dirty result.

Definitely do not make the design too small: a small tattoo will fade faster and become less legible.

When booking, we will ask if you are sure of your choice. Unfortunately, you are still often judged if you have visible tattoos. Thus, you have additional chances of being extensively checked at an airport, it reduces your chances in the job market,...


Are you convinced and want a hand tattoo? Also, do you already know what design? 

Please free contact the front desk!

If you have any questions, they will be happy to answer them. We've also already answered some questions at our FAQs!


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