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Tattoos for men

TATTOOS FOR MEN Are tattoos M/F/X? You guys are searching massively for tattoos for men or for women. But typical men's tattoos: do they exist? In this article we will focus on tattoos and designs, which are mainly popular among men. Of course, this does not mean that women cannot find these tattoos beautiful. Which styles are the most popular [...]

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Portrait Tattoo

PORTRET TATTOO Keep your loved one close. With portrait tattoos, there is often a deeper meaning behind them. This can be either as a reminder, reverence or beautiful gesture. It can be about a dear person, pet or your favorite actor. So there are several possibilities when we talk about portrait tattoos. Do you recognize Gary Oldman aka Sirius Black

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Wrist Tattoo

POLSTATTOO Een subtiele pols tattoo bij de hand  Een tattoo hoeft niet altijd groot en opvallend te zijn. Voor wie het liever subtiel houdt, is een tattoo op de pols ideaal. Ook is dit geschikt als eerste tattoo, behalve wanneer je van plan bent om een arm sleeve te plaatsen. Indien je dit niet wil

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roos bloem tattoo

Flower Tattoo

FLOWER TATTOO Roses are red, violets are blue and a flower tattoo looks amazing on you. A bouquet of flowers: who doesn't get happy? They are (usually) colorful, there are thousands of different varieties and they immediately brighten up your home. A flower tattoo is one of the most popular tattoos. You can have one flower

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lotusbloem tattoo

Lotus Flower Tattoo

LOTUS FLOWER TATTOO Lotus effect for the soul? In Asia, the lotus flower is sacred. The aquatic plant grows in swamps, but no water or dirt ever sticks to the flower. So this is called the lotus effect. Would a lotus flower tattoo have the same effect on your soul? What is the significance? Unalome tattoo More info or make an appointment

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chest tattoo leeuw

Chest Tattoo

CHESTTATTOO you close to my heart. A chest tattoo, in other words a tattoo on the chest, can take any form. This tattoo is done on both men and women. So the tattoo artist always takes into account the anatomy of your body. You can do a lot with this tattoo. Below you will find many tips

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lotus japanese flower tattoo

Japanese Flower Tattoo

JAPANESE FLOWERTATTOO Versatility in type and color. Behind a Japanese flower tattoo is usually a meaning. The Japanese style is not as popular in the West as it has been, but this style has a long history behind it. In fact, it is one of the oldest tattoo styles in the world. Japanese flowers are known

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vlinder tattoo

Butterfly Tattoo

FLINDERTATTOO Butterflies are cute! Want a first tattoo? Want to commemorate something on your body? The butterfly tattoo is perfect for that. Do like Ariana Grande, Kylie Jenner, Halsey, Harry Styles, they all have one! Many girls put this tattoo, because they find it a beautiful insect, but also because the tattoo is a personal

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nose piercing nostril

Nose Piercing

NOSEPIERCING De populairste piercing in het Inksane team. De nose piercing is één van de oudste piercings ter wereld. In het hindoeïsme heeft elke vrouw een piercing door haar linker neusvleugel: dit zou goed zijn voor haar vruchtbaarheid.  Door de punk-cultuur kreeg de nose piercing een slechte reputatie, maar momenteel is hij weer populairder dan

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text tattoo

Text Tattoo

TEKSTTATTOO What do you mean?  Een tekst tattoo kan heel persoonlijk zijn: het kan de naam van een geliefde zijn, een citaat dat je doorheen de dag helpt, de coördinaten van de geboorteplaatsen van je kinderen zijn… Bereid je alvast voor op de vraag: ‘wat wil dat zeggen’, want mensen zijn nieuwsgierig naar de betekenis

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