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Did you grow up with the anime or manga and want to immortalize Goku or one of his mates on your body? Do you want to feel like a real Super Saiyan? Then you've come to the right place at Inksane!

what is dragon ball?

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous Japanese manga in the world. The series, like the entire Dragon Ball franchise, is based on the classic Chinese novel: The Journey to the West. Dragon Ball consists of four parts: 

  • Dragon Ball (153 episodes)
  • Dragon Ball Z (291 episodes)
  • Dragon Ball GT (64 episodes)
  • Dragon Ball Kai (167 episodes)
In 2006, the Dragon Ball trilogy was ranked No. 12 on the "best anime series of all time" list. As such, it is beloved for its art, 
characterization and humor. Starting in 2009, Dragon Ball Kai aired. Dragon Ball Kai is an HD-quality "remastered" version of Dragon Ball Z to mark the 20th anniversary of the latter series.

Artist : alice in wonderland

No, no Alice in Wonderland: at Inksane Roeselare we have our regular tattoo artist Alice in Tattooland! Rani - her real first name - loves cartoons, anime and fantasy. With pleasure, then, she conjures the one dragon ball tattoo after the other out of her creative hat. 

Below you can see two of her dragon ball tattoos.


Dragon Ball design

Dragon Ball is a subject but hangs so not necessarily stuck to a particular style. In the series it is always drawn in the same traditional way but this does not mean that we have to adhere to this. For example, you can go for a sketchy style, black n' grey realism or new school.

Like any respective tattoo shop, we create our own designs ourselves. To begin, we first do some look-up work then we start drawing ourselves.


As mentioned earlier, our artists can be the original drawingsn in different ways. Therefore, your tattoo does not have to be an exact copy, we also strive to avoid this as much as possible. But these principles depend from artist to artist. Either way, our artists who deal with these issues do so with great passion and love for the franchise.


Did you know that Inksane is also a podcast has? The first episode focuses on Rani. If you want to get to know her better, you can listen to the podcast at Spotify or view at YouTube and Facebook. Also, subscribe to our channels, as every Monday at 6 p.m. we publish a new podcast and take you behind the tattoo screens!


Are you convinced, and ready for a dragon ball tattoo? You can contact Rani, but our guest artists can also design a tattoo for you. 

Send an email to our reception or stop by with your ideas and other important info. They will match you with the best artist. The reception can also give you a guide price. This info is free and without obligation. So you don't need to fix an appointment. 

The receptions of the various shops you can via this link reach!


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