You're mad, bonkers, completely off your head. But I'll tell you a secret. All the best people are.

Secretly, Disney has taught us a lot. They are timeless stories that different generations enjoy watching. Therefore, a Disney tattoo popular. 

Alice tells the Mad Hatter that the best people are a little crazy, most stories teach you to leave your comfort zone and that friendship is incredibly important. 

But in light of the current social issues are Disney movies no roses. 

Many girls suffer from princess syndrome: they expect to find wealth with their looks and a dose of happiness.

It wasn't until 2009 that Disney first chose a black princess, LGBTQIA+ does not exist in the fairy tale world and the story always has a happy ending. 

A Disney tattoo: something for you, or rather not? 

disney tattoo

Disney tattoo ideas

When you think of Disney tattoos, you immediately think of a tattoo of a character, but this does not have to be the case.
How about a tattoo of the castle in Disneyland Paris, or a design symbolizing the bond between father and son? Or choose your favorite quote from a Disney movie, and have it immortalized on your body.
You can opt for a whole sleeve, but just as easily for a subtle tattoo. Whatever you want, our artists can turn your idea into a tattoo!
Disney tattoos are among the cartoon/manga style, and may be in watercolor, fine linecolor and black 'n grey photorealism get tattooed. Not everyone likes colorful tattoos, but Disney has also produced some dark films, such as "The Night Before Christmas. 

Alice in Tattooland

No, no Alice in Wonderland: at Inksane Roeselare we have our regular tattoo artist Alice in Tattooland

Rani - her real first name - loves cartoons and fantasy. She happily conjures one Disney tattoo after another out of her creative hat. In addition, you can equally go to her for Asian cartoons - such as anime and Pokémon.

Below you can see some of her Disney tattoos!


Did you know that Inksane also has a podcast? The first episode focuses on Rani.

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Are you convinced, and ready for a Disney tattoo? You can contact Rani, but our guest artists can also design a tattoo for you. 

Send an email to our front desk or stop by with your ideas and other important info. They will match you with the best artist. The reception can also give you a guide price.

This info isfree and without obligation. So you do not need to set an appointment.

You can reach the receptions of the various shops through this link!


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