More than just another fish in your little pond. 

A koi is actually a carp, as well as the national fish of Japan. In the Japanese style you often see koi tattoos back.

Kois are important creatures within Japanese legends. 

According to a legend, many koi fish swam against the current of China's Yellow River on their way to the waterfall. 

At the waterfall, many fish returned, but one koi reached the top of the waterfall after 100 years. As a reward, this koi was transformed into a dragon by the gods.  

The Japanese dragon we have already discussed, but what is the meaning of a koi? 

koi tattoo

Meaning of a koi tattoo

From Japanese legend, we learn that perseverance and willpower are important qualities, and will be rewarded in the end. This is the main meaning of this tattoo.

The color of the koi also has a meaning, but obviously you don't have to follow this:

  • Yellow koi tattoo

A yellow koi can have several meanings. When the fish is golden in color, it indicates success and happiness in life. 

A bright yellow koi symbolizes optimism, good communication and peace of mind.

  • Purple koi tattoo

The purple koi also symbolizes perseverance

  • Red koi tattoo

Red stands for power or love, but with koi it can also maternity and motherhood symbolize.

A red koi is a good choice for someone with passion, who wants to achieve their goal with enthusiasm and conviction.

  • Orange koi tattoo

As with a yellow koi, an orange koi can also be happiness and optimism symbolize.

An orange koi is mainly a popular choice because it provides a nice contrast against a dark background. 

  • Green koi tattoo

Green koi have scales only around the spine, rather than all over their body. 

This tattoo is not common, but this koi symbolizes happiness and prosperity

  • Pink koi tattoo 

Pink is a girl's color, and this is also true with koi. For example, they can be your daughter or feminine energy symbolize. 

In tattoos, pink and orange koi make a nice duo.


Koi tattoo designs

A koi is primarily used in the Japanese tattoo style.

Since koi are often combined with other elements, such as the typical Japanese flowers, it is best to provide a large area: a whole arm, chest, back, leg, shoulder...


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