The dragon - a tattoo of the mythical creature. 

In every mythology you will find a story about a dragon: from the Pygmies in Africa to the Norsemen and Vikings in Europe.

This is why the dragon is one of the most popular creatures to get tattooed. 

The 1990s saw many sad dragon tattoos (usually as tribal). Thankfully, those times are over, and dragon tattoos today express as much power as the mythical creature itself.</span

japanse draak tattoo

What is the significance of a dragon tattoo? 

The dragon looks different in every culture and has different meanings.

Often the fabled animal is represented with the body of a snake or crocodile and with wings. In India, dragons resemble elephants, and in China they are portrayed with deer horns. 

In Asia dragons are described as helpful . The Chinese dragon is a heavenly animal, bringing happiness . Chinese dragons have deer horns, but no wings. However, they can fly by magic.

In Korea they have air dragons and dragons in the water, which are also called sea snakes. The air dragons make it rain, which makes for a successful harvest.

Europeans are always negative over dragons have been. At the Vikings they symbolized the evil. They placed a large dragon at the front of their ships to impress their enemies.

During the Christian medieval times dragons represented the pagan world and the devil.

vikingen draak tattoo
Viking Dragon Tattoo
Chinese dragon and fu dog tattoo
Chinese dragon and Fu dogs

Japanese Dragon Tattoo

By far the most requested dragon as a tattoo design, is the Japanese dragon.

In Japanese legends, the dragon plays a major role. Dragons are usually described positively, but they can also cause misery. 

As in Korea, the dragons live in water. This has its pros and cons: Japan is located in one of the most active volcanic regions. Earthquakes and tsunamis are attributed to the dragons linked.

But according to a legend, a dragon's tears work medicinally. When a dragon cries in a lake, the sick and wounded can go to that lake for healing.

There are different important dragons, each with their characteristics. You can recognize them by their color and number of heads. Some symbolize luck and prosperity, while others can predict trouble.

A tattoo of a Japanese dragon takes up a lot of space. This can be a(half) sleeve on your arm or leg, but just as easily a design on your chest or back. This allows the tattoo artist to put a lot of detail into your design.

So these tattoos require a lot of dedication, both from the client and the artist.


A dragon in other tattoo styles

A dragon can be tattooed in different styles. 

How about a realistic tattoo in color or black and gray?


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