You would like to get a tattoo, but can't figure out exactly what you want. You see tattoo examples everywhere, but after a while you can't see the wood for the trees. We all know it!

Inksane will help you during your search for the perfect tattoo.You can therefore find many tattoo examples in this article to get you started.


Tattoo ideas

You may or may not have an idea in your head and want to search the entire Internet until you find the perfect tattoo you are looking for. But, take note here: no artist at Inksane will just copy a tattoo.

 Why not? It is plagiarism and therefore punishable. What they are allowed to do is to let the tattoo examples inspire them. So the tattoo you want will look a tad different anyway. Each tattoo is 100% identical and is done only once.


Don't have a concrete idea yet? Or would you like to consult professional sources? Then we encourage you to stop by our office or check out our social media or website. We are ready to help you further. At our reception you are welcome to use your tattoo samples, find inspiration and then make an appointment.

You can also make an appointment online to schedule a visit. You can do that by using the button below. If you prefer to be inspired right now, be sure to scroll on!


Social media of inksane

We have three branches of Inksane: Roeselare, Brussels and Sint-Niklaas. On Instagram, we have a separate social media channel for each branch. On Facebook and Youtube, we have one common channel. 

What can you see on it? You can see the work of all our artists with the various styles see. As you will see, you can find many tattoo examples here.


Curious about more work from both our regular and guest artists? Check out the Instagram profile and Facebook profile below according to location. Our YouTube page and Pinterest page is common to all locations.


Make an appointment now!

See you soon?

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