Tattoo Roeselare

How does it work?

You're considering a new tattoo but you're not quite sure what you want to get and by whom?

Our trained people at the front desk can help you with your story.
In fact, we do 'tattoo match making'. If we know some context about your idea, we can suggest and explain the appropriate artists. Each artist has its own price and waiting time. We will help you determine what is important to you.

Here you can read how we operate, to what extent you need to be prepared yourself (or not 🙂 ), and who fulfills what role on our team.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask us anything :), but below are the most common ones.

Am I not interrupting?

No, never, because our reception is there especially for people who want to drop by without (or with) an appointment. Our main task is chatting. Because we have a permanent reception available for you, our artists can continue their work in the meantime, undisturbed and focused.

I don't really want to book in yet

Of course not. You also don't buy a house without seeing the inside first ;).
With us, you just come in for a no-obligation consultation. We'll help make your story more complete, and we'll give you options and price info. That way you can let everything sink in at your own pace at home.

Does a tattoo cost a lot of money?

Sometimes a tattoo is more expensive than you expected, and sometimes just cheaper. You can't know for sure until you've come to us to tell your story.
We can show you the different cost options.


Why choose Inksane?

What makes us different

You don't have to spend evenings researching artists yourself to make sure you wouldn't regret your tattoo. Inksane carefully screens its team of artists before offering them to you.

Each artist has his specialization, and our reception knows each artist and his specialization personally. With us, a linework tattoo is done with the linework specialist, portraits with our portrait specialists, etc..

You don't have to be sure before you can visit. Part of our job is to help your story take shape and grow. We give you insights that will help you move forward.

We select our guest artists worldwide. We accept only guests with the highest technical and artistic knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and integrity. We reject more artists than we accept.

When our wait times increase, we add an additional guest artist to our team. So you can always visit us on short notice. We have been building a very dynamic team for 10 years, which allows us to move quickly with trusted people.

Our tattoo artists can focus because Anke takes care of the administration, Tom the marketing and Danny the welcoming. This combination of skills allows an Inksane artist to be a REAL artist.



What our customers say of us:

"Getting a tattoo, especially a larger one, requires quite a lot from you. Both time and perseverance. And then it is so pleasant that you end up in a place where they not only have the right know-how, but also make you feel at ease. At Inksane I find that all of that: they know what they are doing, welcome you in a friendly setting and check regularly how you're doing. That's why I keep going back."
Sarah Van Raemdonck
"It was totally worth the drive from Zeebrugge to Roeselare, because nowhere are you followed as well from from start to finish as you are with Inksane. They think along with your story, give advice that is really useful and the atmosphere is very familiar. You are anything but just another number in line. queue."
Sander Doolaege

Meet our team

In the photo above, we are not complete! This photo was taken on a random Thursday morning with who was there at the time.

Anke Labaere, our receptionist who also takes care of all the administration: our jack-of-all-trades. Also, our head piercer who trains most of the other Inksane piercers. Dog mom.

Sandy Verfaille, founder and inspirer of Inksane, whose main task is overall umbrella organization. Started the business as sole artist in 2010.

Danny Van Poucke, our face in the reception welcoming everyone, partner of Sandy. The oldest of our gang and musician/guitarist 'on the side'.

Our regular artist Chesney Fossaert, specializing in black and white photorealism, has been part of our team for three years and continues to be a steady grower. Our expectations are high.

Joke Masselis, our youngest artiste, joined us since early 2024. Super clean alround artist with a preference for blackwork.

Tom Vansteeland, our marketing manager and also best known as DJ Blvckprint. The social media posts you see from us are created by Tom, as well as the events and guest spots we organize fall under his wing.

Rani Devriendt, known as Alice in Tattooland. Our best all-rounder, who continues to grow at a constant pace with us since 2018. Besides tattoos, Rani also loves her parrots and cosplay.

Kenny Depaepe, known as Nostromo, was brought into our team in 2022 by Rani and has a great preference for bio-organic tattoos and horror subjects. In addition to tattoos, Kenny also makes very realistic horror masks and props.

Cristian Bones, started as an apprentice in 2018 and has since become our best Belgian black and white photorealism artist. Cristian will start his own Inksane branch in Ghent in April '24!

Dmitry Khmarsky, Ukrainian guest artist, has been coming to (any) Inksane several times a year for the past 6 years. Customers love him especially for his colorful painterly surrealistic style. Dmitry is mainly a traveler who likes to tour between different countries and tattoo studios.

Lara Stapower, our Italian guest artist who makes her first appearance at Inksane in 2024, and could already be photographed with us right away :D. Specializing in fine-line tattoos.


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