interview Sander Doolaege

"The details are so well executed that they reflect my story perfectly."

After a difficult period, backpacking adventurer and nature lover Sander Doolaege decided to
from Zeebrugge to have the sleeve he had been thinking about for so long. Through a friend
he ended up at Inksane. "In tattoo artist Al Minz, I found the perfect man for the job. When I
work of his was forwarded to me by Inksane, I was immediately convinced."

The details make the design

"I had been looking for a design for a sleeve for a long time, and for someone who could make it very detailed and
clean finish. I sent Inksane an email with my story and the style I had in mind.
Soon I received a comprehensive, super-friendly response back. They gave me a lot of information about
their artists and forwarded examples of their creations. Professional advice that really made me
helped further, as it already allowed me to make a more focused choice. My eye fell almost immediately on Al
His incredibly detailed landscape stattoos in a painterly, realistic style were like
what I was looking for and convinced me to make an appointment. I first sent him in English my
whole story, on the basis of which he provided me with a first design. Pràchtig, it was right there

Better than expectations

"For me, nature is a place to unwind and heal. So that had to be the focus
in the design, along with the wolf - a symbol of staying true to yourself. Staying in your power.
Something I experienced firsthand in the period before. Al picked up and understood my story tremendously well. 

There is a story behind every symbol of the design, and that he did so beautifully and in detail worked out means a lot to me. Since the sleeve covers the entire length of my arm and all around, it took quite some time. beslag: a total of 48 hours divided into 6 sessions. Not entirely painless either, but that was part of it for me In my personal coping process.
"You have to feel it to heal it," they sometimes say.

What I found particularly amazing was the way Al turned the various scenes of the design - without prior outlining - into one.
For me, it has become a true work of art that has exceeded my expectations. 

Between sessions, I also had Inksane touch up an old, faded tattoo. On my back for many years has been "the girl with the balloon" by Banksy, an ode to my late mom.
It now looks like new again."

Why Sander recommends Inksane:

"It was totally worth the drive from Zeebrugge to Roeselare, because nowhere do you get so good from
followed up beginning to end as with Inksane. They think along with your story, give advice you really
and the atmosphere is very familiar. You are anything but just another number in the

Client: Sander Doolaege

Artist: Al Minz

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