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How does it work?

Want a new tattoo, but not quite sure what to get and by whom?

The trained people at our front desk are ready to listen to your story. Discover our unique service: 'tattoo match making'. By sharing some context about your idea, we can suggest and further explain the ideal tattoo artists. Each of our artists has its own price and waiting time. We guide you in determining what is important to you.

Find out how we operate, to what extent you need to prepare yourself (or not 🙂 ), and find out who fulfills which role on our team.


Most Frequently Asked Questions

Questions? Feel free to ask them :), here are the most frequently asked ones in advance.

Am I not interrupting?

No, never! Our reception is always open, both for spontaneous and scheduled visits. Our main task? Chatting. Our permanent reception allows artists to work undisturbed and with full focus.

Is brussels even accessible?

Yes. Brussels is easily accessible by train and metro. There are plenty of efficient public transport connections. So be sure to visit us!

big project with a guest artist?

No worries if you have a larger project with a guest artist. The artists do not come just once, but are ready for multiple sessions.

Why choose Inksane?

What makes us different

Leave behind the endless artist research. Inksane artists undergo a thorough screening process before being introduced to you. We take the worry away, so you can go into your perfect tattoo experience with confidence.

With us, each artist has his own specialty, and our reception knows each artist personally, including his specialization. Linework tattoos are entrusted to our linework specialist, portraits to our portrait specialists, etc..

Don't worry if you're not sure yet; you can come by and work with us to shape your story. Our goal is to offer you guidance and insights so that your idea can grow and come to life.

We select our guest artists worldwide. Only those with the highest technical and artistic knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and integrity are accepted. Our rigorous selection process ensures that we reject more artists than we accept.

When waiting times increase, we add an additional guest artist to our team, so you can always come to us at short notice. We have been building a very dynamic team for 10 years, allowing us to be flexible with trusted professionals.

Thanks to Michael's commitment to reception, administration and marketing, our tattoo artists are able to concentrate fully on their art. This allows an Inksane artist to truly shine as an artist.



What our customers say of us:

"Very satisfied with my tattoo I got here 2 days ago. The place was neat, I was well received and the tattoo artist (Lana) was super professional and took the time to review the designs with me and listened to all my wishes. Highly recommended!"
Astrid Delsaert

Meet our team

Groepsfoto Brussel

Michael, owner of Inksane Brussels, is perfectly trilingual. His language skills come in handy in the tattoo studio, where he helps clients with translations and warmly welcomes guest artists. Born and raised in Brussels, Michael has a deep connection to his city.

Lana is the permanent resident artist in Brussels and has trained as an art education teacher. in her spare time she does cosplay. The extensive number of themes in which Lana likes to tattoo are anime, manga, gaming related, blackwork elements and old school.

Mare is a busy bee and passionate about everything she does. As the only piercer at Inksane Brussels, she is known for the time she takes with her clients. 

Magnus Oleg, guest artist at Inksane since 2018, is a master of cover-up tattoos. Together with his girlfriend Veronica, he travels across Europe for guest spots in tattoo shops.

Veronica Orlov is a guest artist specializing in realism tattoos. She is from Moldova and focuses mainly on portraits, animals and classical elements.

Olga Sergeeva is a guest artist who is not afraid of big projects. She is super good at colorful tattoos, but you can also come to her for black and white. Her love for animals is reflected in her amazing animal portraits.

Vlad Rimsky is a talented guest artist from Russia and a regular presence in our Brussels shop. His preference is color and his skills span a variety of styles.

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Printing Press Street 3
1000 Brussels

Phone: 0473 / 23 42 64
Thursday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday: 11am-6pm
VAT-number: BE0769545342

Opening Hours

Tuesday: 11:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 11:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 11:00 – 20:00
Friday: 11:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 18:00
Sunday: closed
Monday: closed

During opening hours, you can always stop by for FREE info, with or without an appointment.



By public transportation:
From Brussels-Midi station, take metro 2 in the direction of Elisabeth, and get off at the Madou stop. Follow Bd Du Régent, then turn right onto Rue du Louvain. Then turn left onto Rue du Printing Press. A 5-minute walk.

You can park you car either on the surrounding streets for a small fee or in the parking garage calles Spectrum.


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