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Inksane @ Ghent, how does it work?

You want to get a new tattoo, but you are not yet sure what and by whom?

Stop by our trained front desk for your personalized tattoo advice!
With our 'tattoo match making' service we link you to the suitable artist with his own price and waiting time. Let us give you guide in findingn what really matters to you.

You can join us stop by during our business hours (at the bottom of this page), without appointment, To your idea no-obligation submit.

Find out here how our process works and who plays which role in our team. Get ready for a unique tattoo experience!

Cristian Bones

Most Frequently Asked Questions

You can ask us anything :), but below are the most common ones.

Cristian Bones

Historic and unique property!

Yes, that's right! Enter through the left door and immediately take the stairs down. It's actually just like entering a store, but a tad more adventurous :).
No stress, you don't disturb at all, and you don't need an appointment!

I don't want to book in yet.

Of course not! Feel free to stop by for a no-obligation consultation, with no obligation to make an appointment. We understand that a tattoo is an important decision and are happy to share our passion and expertise with you. Hope to see you soon!


Is a tattoo expensive?

The price of a tattoo can sometimes be higher or lower than you expected. You can only know for sure after you visit us to share your story. We can show you the different price options.

Why choose Inksane?

What makes us different

Don't spend evenings doing artist research for fear of regretting your tattoo. At Inksane, we carefully screen our artists before introducing them to you.

Each of our artists has their own specialization, and our front desk knows the expertise of each artist. At Inksane, a linework tattoo is done by the linework specialist, portraits by our portrait specialists, etc....

You don't have to be 100% sure before you come along. Our job is to assist you in shaping and developing your story. We offer insights you can move forward with, even if you're still in the exploratory stage.

Cristian is extremely picky in his selection, accepting only the cream of tattoo artists. He welcomes only those who strive for continuous growth and excellence in their craft.

When waiting times increase, we immediately add an additional guest artist to the team. This way, you can always come to us at short notice. We have been working on a highly dynamic team for 10 years, allowing us to respond quickly with trusted professionals.

Cristian handles all communications at Inksane Ghent, where he supports his small and dynamic team. For other matters, such as marketing, he gets support from Inksane Roeselare. Together we strive for the best tattoo experience!

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Inksane Ghent is a franchise of Inksane Roeselare.

Here are some statistics from Inksane Roeselare:



What our customers say of us:

"My passion for the sea was perfectly translated into a real work of art. I had two smaller tattoos before, but never one the size of this one. So that was a big step. Fortunately, there was no stress when I stepped Inksane. Artist Cristian made it a real work of art."

Meet our team

Cristian Bones

Cristian Bones is the owner of Inksane Ghent. He started at Inksane in 2018 and has since become the best permanent black and white photorealism artist. He graduated in art from KASK Ghent and a painting from his student days still hangs on the wall there! He encourages everyone to give their best.


Luigi Gala is our Italian tattoo artist who has been coming to Inksane for 7 years. His passion for texts and caligraphy is reflected in his work. In addition to his regular presence at the Brussels Tattoo Convention, Luigi has also proven his artistic versatility by designing T-shirts for Inksane. His fast working method allows him to complete large pieces in just one day!

Flavia Crihană is our piercer and a brand new mom. A fun fact: she is a metamodernist poetry writer! Her most famous book is "The Storm.

Lara Stapower

Lara Stapower is our newcomer at Inksane in 2024 and comes straight from Italy. She is a guest artist specializing in fine line tattoos.

Joke Schiettekatte, once a client of Cristian in Inksane Roeselare, is now an apprentice of the shop owner and is becoming a valuable member of the team in Ghent. A fascinating journey from customer to team member!

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Understreet 51
9000 Ghent

Phone: +32 493 94 69 32
Thursday 4 p.m. to 8 p.m.
Saturday: 11am-6pm
VAT-number: BE0698 725 543

Opening Hours

Tuesday: 11:00 – 18:00
Wednesday: 11:00 – 18:00
Thursday: 11:00 – 18:00
Friday: 11:00 – 18:00
Saturday: 11:00 – 18:00
Sunday: closed
Monday: closed

During opening hours, you can always stop by for FREE info, with or without an appointment.


Cristian Bones

By public transportation:
From Gent Sint-Pieters station, take streetcar 1 to Korenmarkt. From there it is a 6-minute walk. Or from Gent Dampoort station, take bus 10, 11 or 12b. Then there is another 3-minute walk.

You can pay to park in the surrounding streets. A 2-minute walk away is Vrijdagmarkt parking.


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