interview Wouter Deheegher

"My passion for the sea was perfectly translated into a real work of art."

His work in the Navy gave Wouter Deheegher inspiration for his first major tattoo. "Earlier I had
put two smaller tattoos before, but never one the size of this one. So that was
a big step, though. Fortunately, there was no stress when I joined Inksane
walked in. Artist Cristian turned it into a real work of art."

Quick response

Navy man Wouter chose - how could it be otherwise - the god of the sea, Poseidon, as an illustration on
his left arm. "I ended up at Inksane via-via. A few colleagues already had tattoos there
put and I was pleasantly surprised time and again by its quality.

So when I came up with my Poseidon idea, I had no hesitation in taking the step to Inksane. I emailed them a number of
inspirational photos of what I had in mind, and to that soon came a response with an artist who was
they recommended for it."

Great in detail

Cristian, who now runs his own Inksane facility in Ghent, went to work with Wouters
wishes. "Based on my photograph, Cristian had put together a few pieces of different images
put, which perfectly matched what I was looking for.

Actually, he knew immediately what I wanted. In two consecutive days, he completely worked out my idea. What struck me about his work: he is professional, calm and extremely detailed. I am still amazed by the result.
a 'piece of art' for me. The details really make the difference."

Why Inksane is the go-to for your tattoo.

"Everything went incredibly well and smoothly at Inksane, from the warm and friendly welcome and the
professional placement to the outstanding aftercare. I received the products and all the necessary information
with me, and in case of questions I could reach Cristian easily.

 He also asked me to provide a month after the placement a
forwarding photo so he could check if any update was needed. Very professional
all of them. I am really 100% satisfied. Last but not least, at Inksane they have so many artists in
house, each in their own unique style. So whatever genre you have in mind, you're sure to find your liking here."

Client: Wouter Deheegher

Artist: Cristian

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