interview Jade Vermeire

"This tattoo artwork gives my self-confidence a huge boost."

In two sessions with tattoo artist Dmitry Khmarsky, Jade Vermeire of Ingelmunster got the tattoo
what she had long dreamed of: a colorful and detailed rendering of a bat. "On
social media I had already noticed that Dmitry was the perfect person for the style I had in my mind
had. Being part of the larger collective at Inksane also gave me immediate confidence."

Inspiration on social media

"I quickly came across Inksane in Roeselare through social media during my search for a tattoo
artist. As soon as I set foot inside, I immediately felt a click. In part because of a previous
tattoo I had done here, I continued to follow them. At one point, the work jumped
of one of their artists, the Ukrainian Dmitry Khmarsky, caught my eye, and I knew immediately that I loved
that man had to have a tattoo."

A photorealistic design

Dmitry's work is of a unique level, as his style is non-ordinary and surreal. Just that
What Jade was looking for.
"The photorealism and colors are phenomenal in his work. When word came that Dmitri
unexpectedly had a free space, I jumped at that opportunity instantly! So I made through Inksane
an appointment, which, moreover, went very smoothly and pleasantly. We discussed everything in detail: the design,
but also the location. He chose my calf, to which I immediately agreed. Together we tinkered
to the design until it was absolutely perfect. I brought my own photos for this, but I
also drew inspiration from photographs of his earlier works. For example, of the flowers and colors
that he used in combination with his own unique style."

In two sessions to a perfect result

"The placement itself was done in two sessions, and it went fine. I was completely relaxed, and could
even reading a book in between. I really like the result: the colors, the contrasts, the
details ... it's pure art to me. The tattoo in the photo is 100% the same as the one on my leg, no
filters that is! I am so proud of it and every time I pass a mirror, it gives my confidence
a real boost."

Why Jade recommends Inksane:

"They have a great collective of exceptional artists in many
diverse styles. But you won't get lost in their offerings; on the contrary, they'll take you right to the
right person and their approach is warm and person-centered. They really listen, think along and
communicate honestly. In short: top-notch professional!"

Client: Jade Vermeire

Artist: Dmitry Khmarsky

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