interview Sarah Van Raemdonck

Interview with Inksane client Sarah van Raemdonck:

"The idea I had in my head turned perfectly into two beautiful tattoos."

The tattoo itch, it can come on suddenly. As it did for Sarah Van Raemdonck. About six years ago
began her search for a tattoo artist who would find her fascination with nature very realistic could
capturing. "I was especially looking for realisms with a lot of color. My partner liked it right away, so
three years ago, it started with a first tattoo. And it hasn't stopped since," says
Sarah. For both her very first and current tattoo, Sarah knocked on Inksane's door.

Prize at the Tattoo Convention

"My first two tattoos were also done at Inksane, and they turned out so well that I didn't hesitate
When I thought about the next one. At that moment, I saw on social media a call from Dmitry
Khmarsky, one of Inksane's guest artists. He was looking for a candidate to perform on the International
Tattoo Convention in Bruges to get a tattoo. I saw his work and was immediately sold! The
special way he works, with so much precision, realisms and color ... exàct what I was looking for. So I
immediately enrolled me. Dmitry tattooed a colorful bird on my lower leg that was also in
won prizes at the Convention.
For me, like nature, a tattoo is a form of freedom. Freedom to express myself and to be
who I am. Dmitry perfectly integrated that feeling into the design."

Cozy atmosphere

"What I love about Inksane is that it welcomes you in a very friendly atmosphere. You feel
you immediately feel at ease, which is not unimportant when you sit there for hours and regularly have to endure the pain.
They are very friendly and attentive there, which softens everything. At the Convention, there were a lot of distractions, which I
did find very pleasant during the hour-long sessions. But Inksane's tattoo studio also contains
you in a space that offers enough privacy, yet is not completely enclosed.
With this tattoo, I have not yet reached my final piece. Soon I will go back to Dmitry for a
full back tattoo. Exciting, but again not really, because I have every confidence in his

Why Sarah recommends Inksane:

"Getting a tattoo, especially a larger one, requires quite a lot from you. Both time and
perseverance. And then it's so pleasant to end up in a place where they don't
only have the right know-how, but also make you feel comfortable. At Inksane, I find that
all back: they know what they are doing, welcome you in a cozy setting and check
regularly how you put it. That's why I keep going back."

Client: Sarah Van Raemdonck

Artist: Dmitry Khmarsky

Like Sarah, do you want a tattoo that gives you wings? Contact Inksane and go into business with a professional tattoo artist.


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