Tagmag insider Clémentine Caron Becomes tattooed

Six months ago, Clémentine Caron entered Tagmag's search for their new festival insider. Out of 1,400 candidates, they selected Clémentine Caron. Meanwhile, she won the "Emerging Talent" award during the Jamies and recently we got to tattoo her along with a blindfolded fan of Ender Scholtens. Here's the tea.

A suprise tattoo?

Recently Ender Scholtens (a.k.a. Gossip Guy) gave a tattoo giveaway for Decender, a YouTube series equivalent to Vlogmas. This means an online contest was held by Ender for his community whose winner would be tattooed by us. Laïs, the winner was thus invited as a result during the first Decender episode of 2022.

What's the catch?

Well, the winner should leave the choice of what the tattoo will be to Ender and his team/other guests and that is exactly how they did it. We have to admit, though, that this probably wasn't agreed upon beforehand. Laïs just has zero f*cks (which is a good thing)!

So during the episode, it was decided that Laïs was going to be blindfolded and Clémentine Caron was going to choose the design. First, she had to look at the designs. So Clémentine chose the "worst case scenario" tattoo design that Willy (@dinner on IG) had made for the Gossip Guy episode with Average Rob and Arno The Kid.

Laïs's reaction? She was really pleased with it and so were we!

A Clémentineke on Clémentineke

Afterwards, it was time for Clémentine to get on the rack. First of all, we want to congratulate Clémentine Caron on her Jamies Award! Indeed, the Jamies are the Flemish online video awards honoring the best Flemish video content creators. As Clémentine is only 9 months into her career, this is certainly a great achievement! For herself, she chose a fine piece of clementine which she had placed on her upper right arm by our artist Sai. She herself called it "a clementineke on Clémentineke".

A clémentine a day keeps the doctor away...!

All in all, this collaboration also went smoothly and we thought it was super fun to work with them again as a team on this!

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