Roeselare Awards' jury nominates Tom Vansteeland for personality association of the year

Our hometown of Roeselare, located in South-West Flanders simply has an attraction for businesses, people and talent. For 26 years, our Rodenbach city has rewarded several remarkable stores, businesses and individuals. For the most recent edition (2022), our own shop manager Tom was nominated for personality of the year!

Shop manager Tom...

... is much more than simply our shop- and social media manager. His greatest passion lies in the music business. Tom Vansteeland is a self-made man with experience in both online and offline marketing, event management, photography, videography, creative directing and music. He was inspired by music at a young age and decided to pursue his dream of becoming a well-known DJ/musician in Belgium.



Since starting at Inksane in 2020, he has continued to develop his marketing skills by organizing booths at conventions, launching unique marketing stunts and getting press coverage. So meanwhile, he has mastered his marketing skills as well as many fine achievements in the music industry. Among other things, he has already performed twice at Tomorrowland, Europe's biggest music festival and already crowned best music festival in the world twice. As a result, our Tom was thus nominated for the Roeselare Awards.

Drumroll please

His fellow candidates were: Katnuf, Tim Boury, Alexander Doom, Stoffel Vandoorne, Steven Callens, Thomas Verhaeghe, Team Care Center after Sexual Violence, Tom Vansteeland, Team night shelter the PosThuis and Vox Musica. Mieke Corneillie, the lady behind the quiet room in the AZ Delta where she was a holdout for lonely patients, was the recipient of the 2021 award.


Now, however, it was the Team Care Center's turn after sexual assault. The Team stands day and night to help and provide any support they can, they are the one elected by the attendees, for which we congratulate them! After the announcement of the winners from all categories, it was time for the after party, a feast full of lavish treats and drinks followed by a live performance by De Toâpe Geraapte. What an experience!

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