Inksane on the evening of Kinepolis XXL

A movie outing is always fun. Going to the movies with friends or your special someone at leisure is one of the most casual things you can do, while still having an excuse to put on your nice jeans.

Imagine, however, if this were taken a step further. A drink with a snack, some entertainment, goodie bags and a top movie ... now that's a experience! It is exactly what Kinepolis organized when Ticket To Paradise and Magic Mike's last dance came out.

The animation for both events? You guessed it, we were there.

Combining a tattoo session with a movie outing.... wowie!

To begin, everyone could enjoy a drink and a snack. Once everyone's stomach was filled with a snack it was time for the animation.

At Magic Mike's Last Dance, there were muscular hunks you could take a picture with if you wished, just like the group of sexy new dancers from the movie! Then, for the Kinepolis XXL night of Ticket To Paradise, there were real dancers performing. However, both nights shared the same, namely: our!

Inksane was allowed two of their artists stopping by to place some tattoos. That's how we still managed to get a few people a permanent keepsake give of that epic night.

The cherry on top?

BUT, that's not all....

Just prior to the airing of the film in which Magic Mike Lane originally works as a bartender, there was another surprise for the visitors. When everyone took their seats, time was made for a raffle!

So raffle tickets were drawn and depending on your seat you could win great prizes, including a gift certificate from us. Not only was it an epic night, but so was an great show!

And the movies, of course...

... were toppie! Ticket To Paradise is a romantic comedy starring George Clooney and Julia Roberts. The Oscar winners star together as ex-lovers who vouch for a mission: to keep their daughter from making the same mistakes they once made. It all revolves around two opportunities and how they can turn out unexpectedly positive.

A few months later, it was time for Magic Mike's Last Dance with Channing Tatum and Salma Hayek 👀. After a long time, Magic Mike Lane (Tatum) returns to the stage after going broke thanks to a failed business deal. Therefore, Mike goes to London together with a rich socialite, for hopefully last outing. Will he succeed and will they finally be able to put on a great show?

All in all, it was a fun evening

In the end, both movie nights were successful. The people certainly enjoyed themselves. Snacks, a drink, goodie bag and tattoos are surely the perfect ingredients for a top experience event! Feel free to check out our aftermovie below that highlights the beautiful images from the Ticket To Paradise event in the spotlight.

Have you been to a Kinepolis XXL evening been? And which movie did you like better, Magic Mike's Last Dance or Ticket To Paradise and why? Feel free to let us know!


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