Ender Scholtens gets just anything tattooed!

For those who have heard about Ender Scholtens, also known as Gossip Guy, then you probably know that he crossed the threshold of getting his first tattoo about a year ago.

During a Gossip Guy episode Ender and Yens of The Mole (who we also tattooed, by the way) first share some insight on their opinions around tattoos. Here's what they had to say.

Are tattoos marginal?

The conversation began with Yens telling how he got his first tattoo. In fact, that also happened thanks to the game of chance "What's the Chance?". At the time he was in Barcelona with his girlfriend of today, but at the time they were not yet together. When Sophie came across a flashbook with a design of a foof (a vagina), she immediately asked him what the odds were that he was going to get it. They both guessed 7, so it was meant to be and so it was.

He added that he did know beforehand that he wanted tattoos. A design of a foof as your first tattoo obviously makes the road easy afterwards. This is how Yens and Ender Scholtens got into the topic of 'Are tattoos marginal?’

Ender shared that all his life he had the mindset that a tattoo would be your ticket to the fringes of society. The moment you would get a tattoo, you immediately become "marginal" and are never going to be able to find a job. Fortunately, he realized more and more that this is not the case. That was also the moment he shared with everyone that this was why he would like his first tattoo, so that he could put himself over that mental threshold. Should he then have a cool idea in the future, it would be easier.

Afterwards, he surprised Yens with a prosecution on his Mol banana, but you can read more about the full story here.

Just something...

Probably the fire ignited in Ender by the presence of Yens' tattoo session, because immediately behind it he also played a game of chance for his own first tattoo. Two days later we were back at Ender's studio.

In the end, he went for just anything. Literally. His first tattoo is literally a little text that reads 'simply something' reads and all this, so he could joke with his friends that he just had something set. You can see their reactions in his video on his personal YouTube channel.

Thus, we placed Ender Scholtens' first tattoo, and in the meantime we have several more funny tattoos put on him and his guests, including Average Rob and Arno the Kid as an example.

What do you guys think of this idea as a first tattoo? Do you tips For tattoo newbies who are about to get their first one done? Let yourselves be heard in the comments!


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