Average Rob and Arno The Kid get tattooed together!

Recently, the well-known Gossip Guy - Ender Scholtens along with his guests Average Rob and Arno The Kid had a tattoo done by our resident artist Sai!

During episode 154 in which Ender, Rob and Arno talked about various topics, they also took the time to choose a design and have it permanently placed on their bodies.

The designs were all simplistic, but hilarious - created by @Avondmaal (ig). We'll go over those right away, but first - who are these guys?

Quick Look at Average Rob, Arno the Kid and Ender Scholtens.

Ender Scholtens

started his YouTube channel back in 2018. Well, the channel had been around a little longer, but it wasn't until 2018 that he dedicated himself to regularly posting videos about travel or other interesting topics.

About a year later (age: 19), he decided to create a separate channel (ra ra ra ra), Gossip Guy! Naturally, the idea was to upload a podcast episode every Monday on Youtube, iTunes and Spotify. We are now four years later and by the looks of it, this was a smart move for Ender as it has become fairly popular and successful! For example, he already has an episode with Acid, Michiel Vandeweert and Yens from De Mol (who we also got to tattoo ... and Michiel as well, by the way), among others, and as a TagMag insider, he was also able to interview The Rock.

Average Rob

is, you guessed it, also a content creator. Together with his brother Arno The Kid, they test extreme sports in a "fun, funny and painful" way and that can be seen on their Youtube channel. For example, they go with top athletes trying to learn a specific sport in 2 hours time. For example: becoming a cirque du soleil acrobat in 2h. Rob also has his own beer - Tout Bien and has also already been able to interview Tom Holland. 

Arno The kid

So Rob is his brother (duh). Besides the extreme sports he tests out with Rob, he 'plays' in the VTM program Security Checkers where he and Gerben Tuerlinckx try to get into different places without getting caught. Quite the adrenaline junkies these two!

Tattoo Time

Behind the fun topics of cancel culture, jet ski stunts, Tout Bien and a game of beer pong, it was time for the cherry on top. Willy, a.k.a. Supper on social media including Instagram, had a few designs made from which guests were allowed to choose, namely: a fanny pack, classy sunglasses, a croque-monsieur (it's not what you think), a smos sandwich, "preparé yo'self " and "worst case scenario. Beware - don't read these descriptions too literally, as almost all of them were puns. You can find the designs and images in his video.

Matching Tattoo

Arno and Ender went for a matching tattoo! Both chose the croque-monsieur while Rob went for the preparé yo'self. Basically they are all matching since they have the supper touch. Bound together for life now and all of Flanders got to see it.


For us it was a pleasure to meet them and we are glad we could help them with this.
Which tattoo design would you have chosen and why? Let us know something!

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