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Neck tattoos, it was a fragile subject among many but meanwhile we live in the most modern century so far. Consequently, the prejudices about a neck tattoo have already diminished a lot.

With a neck tattoo you dare to show who you are in one of the most visible places. Are you ready for it?
Read on here for more information and inspiration. 

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neck tattoos on men and women

Neck tattoos are especially popular with women. Wouldn't have thought it, right? But if you look at the logic behind it, it's rather obvious. First of all, women are more likely to have longer hair, which results in easy hiding of the neck tattoo, especially when the tattoo is placed behind the neck. This does come in handy if you feel a bit modest at your workplace or during a first meeting. Second, women are more likely to choose a small tattoo than men. Your neck is an ideal place for this.

Let us emphasize again that a neck tattoo for men is as beautiful and spectacular as a neck tattoo for women. 
Our Inksane artists helps everyone through the whole process. 


Does a neck tattoo hurt?

We give you the following trick to find out if the next spot of your tattoo, is painful or not. Simply feel for a moment if the skin where you feel your tattoo is close to bone. If your answer is Yes, then it will most likely hurt. Nevertheless, a neck tattoo is more likely to be perceived as less painful than people thought beforehand.

The skin at your neck is close to the cervical vertebrae. This is already one of the reasons why a neck tattoo will hurt. Another reason is that on the side of your neck there are blood vessels and nerves, and on the throat your windpipe. Your body is a defense machine, so when we tattoo there your body is going to want to pull away from our needle. 

Try to stay as still as possible. For the artist, the neck can be a challenging area because of placement, the artist will request that the head be placed in certain positions. This depends on the placement of course, which varies from the front, side and back. 

Nek tattoo laten tattoeren

neck tattoo healing 

Your neck is a coherent part of muscles, bones, blood vessels and is in constant motion. The skin on your neck moves much more unlike, for example, the skin on your legs. During the first few days your neck will be sensitive so it can be uncomfortable when you twist, bend or move your neck. 

If you move too violently suddenly, so to speak, you can tear the healing wounds back open. This can make the healing process of your neck tattoo take longer. The only thing you can do is to follow your artist's aftercare instructions loud and clear.


neck tattoo inspiration

Below is some inspiration related to neck tattoos. You can find even more inspiration for all kinds of tattoos at our Pinterest page.


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