daith piercing inksane

Daith Piercing

DAITH PIERCING Can a piercing make migraines go away? Surely that is what is claimed of the daith piercing. It is said to be the piercing against migraines. In acupuncture, in fact, pressure is applied to the same area to reduce headaches. A piercing in this trigger point, then, would remedy migraines. What is a daith piercing Does a [...]

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septum piercing inksane

Septum Piercing

SEPTUM PIERCING About half of Hollywood walks around with a septum piercing. From Jessica Biel to Rihanna, and from Zoë Kravitz to Zendaya. The septum piercing is a staple on the streets. Even though you are not allowed to wear piercings at work or school: a septum piercing is still possible. After

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helix piercing inksane

Helix Piercing

HELIX PIERCING Piercings in the ear are no longer a juvenile sin. Many adults opt for a curated ear, which literally means an organized ear. The helix piercing then becomes one of your showpieces. When you're satisfied with your number of piercings in the ear - which you've had pierced over time - you then set up with your piercer

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