Testimonial Nele Decroos

"Because it is a tattoo with meaning, I was quite nervous. But that turned out to be unnecessary."

tattoo van Nele: 'framboosje'

Meet: Nele

Nele had two tattoos done at Inksane that refer to her godchild and the triumph of a difficult time in her life. The 36-year-old hairdresser enjoys being creative, such as upcycling. In addition, Nele is a happy single who carries her motto "hope springs eternal" with her from now on forever. 

Each week at Inksane, we interview a client who has a testimonial to share around the tattoo being done. This week it was Nele's turn. 

After a long, difficult period, a bright spot came into Nele's life again two years ago, as she became a godmother to her brother's little daughter. This not only gave her much joy in life, but also immediately inspired her next tattoo. "My brother and his partner already affectionately call their little daughter 'raspberry.' When I was allowed to become a meter, I decided to have a raspberry tattooed on my arm. I later came upon the quote "hope springs eternal," symbolizing the tough years I've had. My grandmother, who listened to Will Tura, said it very often. Today it's my life motto, and I wanted to have that immortalized." To do so, Nele knocked on the door of Inksane in Roeselare and ended up with tattoo artist Adela.

Convinced at first contact

"It was at the tattoo fair in Brussels that I first came into contact with Inksane. They immediately stood out for me with their realistic designs and the huge range of styles they offer. They have so many great artists in house, each with their own signature which allows them to handle the most diverse genres. So whatever style you have in mind, you are sure to find what you are looking for.

Since I was convinced, I then immediately went to their shop in Roeselare to make an appointment for my raspberry tattoo. I prefer to do that face to face, also because I had a picture of the design I wanted. I received a tremendously friendly and warm welcome there, and they introduced artist Adela whose work they showed. It matched exactly what I had in mind. For the quote tattoo, I had a picture with me of the font. For both tattoos I got an appointment with Adela."

Sense of confidence

"I was nervous this time, though, because for me it's a tattoo with meaning: it had to be good. Besides, I can't stand pain very well. With my previous tattoos it wasn't too bad, but it's different with a cozy atmosphere. Fortunately Adela put me at ease, despite a slight language barrier: she only speaks English, and mine is not so good, unfortunately. Still, we understood each other and I had a sense of confidence. Especially since she tried out a preliminary drawing first and immediately made adjustments if she saw that I was unsure. That gave me such peace of mind! Nothing is too much there, they are very customer-oriented at Inksane and they don't push you to have something put on that you don't fully support."

Perfect watercolor effect

"My fears that the watercolor effect would not come out beautifully turned out to be completely unfounded. Adela meticulously traced my photo and rendered it perfectly on my arm. You can't see any spots, it's really perfect. The quote tattoo also turned out very nicely. I am super happy with it. And my surroundings are also enthusiastic: my parents thought the technique was very strong, my brother - who is always very honest and straightforward - even said that he is extremely proud of it. That he, as daddy of my meta-child 'raspberry', approved of it, means a lot to me."

Why Inksane is the go-to for a successful tattoo.

"At Inksane they are just very professional in all aspects, the shop is extremely hygienic and they only put something on if you are completely convinced yourself. You get a real sense of home there because they are so friendly and customer-oriented."

Client: Nele Decroos
Artist: Adela del Rocio

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