Interview Henny Desmet

"That such a young artist could do such a professional, detailed tattoo, I never thought," he said.

About Henny

Henny came to Inksane and gave us a moving testimony about his tattoo. Henny is 49 years old and lives with his girlfriend. During the day he works as a clerk in a DIY store where he enjoys helping customers, but after his shift he indulges in goalkeeper training where he can express his passion for soccer. Furthermore, he is passionate about Spain which makes him a real bon vivant. "Enjoy while you can, because you only have today, tomorrow is not certain." 

Each week we interview a client asking about the story or meaning behind the tattoo. This week Henny stopped by and told us about his black and white cover-up he had Veronica put on his entire forearm.

Henny's father was barely 48 when he died. About the same age as Henny is now. And that life-marking event got him thinking. "For a long time I had felt that my life would change at the age my dad was when he died. And effectively: not only is my personal situation different by now, I am now at a point where I am enjoying what is more than ever. It's like a new chapter has started. One that called for a new tattoo, a cover-up of an old one that no longer fits who I am today."

Cover-up of an old memory

"On my forearm, I had a tattoo that symbolized a past that no longer belonged to me. So I chose a cover-up with a clock, a rose and a Spanish quote: 'respeta el pasado, crea el futuro' or 'respect the past, create the future.' And that totally fits my mindset. The clock stands for the fact of time - it's now that you should enjoy, and the rose for blossoming and growth - I've experienced that especially in recent years.

Since I knew Inksane from in the past and was very satisfied with their work, I made another appointment at their Roeselare branch. With the proposal I had worked out myself, I came to Veronica, a young tattoo artist. She immediately convinced me of her professionalism when she worked out my idea and adjusted it twice because she herself was not completely convinced. For example, originally there were two roses, but she thought that was too busy, so we went for one. And indeed: she was absolutely right, that one rose was perfect. I was really amazed by her passion, professionalism and job-first attitude. Without me asking, she kept searching for the perfect design. Truly amazing at that young age."

Enthusiasm of the environment

"That she worked out this tattoo - which has so much meaning for me - in a phenomenal way is of great value to me. It is on the one hand an ode to my father, but also the start of a new beautiful chapter. Often people around me spontaneously take hold of my arm to look at the tattoo in detail and then they are amazed by the high quality. Even other tattoo artists immediately see that it was done at Inksane. So that's already saying something. And my wife liked it even better than in photo, and you don't always see that. Quite the contrary, in fact."

Why Inksane is the go-to for your tattoo.

"At Inksane you count on a personal and professional approach. I myself am in a position where customer focus is very important, so I am very sensitive to the fact that sometimes as a customer you are a number somewhere, but that is not the case here at all. And furthermore, at Inksane they just offer the very best quality. You won't find anything better in the region."


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